WestwinService Agreement


Agreement for Westwin Service Application and Management Account Registration and Usage


All the operational rights, titles and interests in and to any and all services (hereinafter referred to as ‘Westwin Service’) provided on this website (https://adstochina.westwin.com/account_application/index.html) belong to Westwin Technology (hereinafter referred to as ‘Westwin’, ‘we’ or ‘us’), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the People’s Republic of ChinaHereinafter referred to as PRC or China, with its registered office located at PRC. You cannot register and obtain a Westwin Service Application on this website and further enjoy the services provided by us on this website until you accept this Agreement for Westwin Service Application (hereinafter referred to as ‘This Agreement’). If you are not able to completely understand the content of This Agreement, you shall not proceed.  Once you submit your application, it means that you accept all the clauses of This Agreement.


I.  Application Confirmation



Westwin has been authorized by Media platform ( means Baidu, WeChat & Weibo) to sell Advertising products and provide related service, we hold this event for assisting you with the advertising account application per Media. Except account application, every advertising service we provide will charge you relevant fees.

The process will be working as below:

You select Media platform and submit required information

We will check eligibility. If eligible, we’ll prepare an official translation of all the documentations, including but not limited to the certificate of incorporation, then submit the application to Media platform.

Media Platform may also require additional documents, depending on the industry.

We will work with Media platform to finish the account setup administrative work. When the account is activated, we will send you full login information via Email.

Please be noted that we cannot guarantee your advertising account will be approved, it depends on platforms policy and review.



Only new customers, who is, by definition, has not yet been served by us before.



a. Ad Account Application. This service is provided for free.

b. Service Fees. If you need us to assist with your Wechat/ Weibo account authentication or other services that beyond of ad account setup, Westwin might charge service fee.

You should pay FEES to us once you receive the invoice.


4. You may use this website and product applications, change selected applications etc. (the content showed on the website page shall prevail).  When you finish the process of Westwin Service registration on this website ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/account_application/index.html ),  Westwin shall send a notice of confirming successful registration and supplementing account materials via email. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any application. We will contact you if all or any portion of your application is canceled or if additional information is required to accept your application.


5. Finishing the process of Westwin Service registration shall not be deemed that Westwin provides or will provide any Westwin Service, nor shall it be deemed Westwin and you have entered into any contracts related to providing Westwin Service. Please note that there may be certain applications that Westwin is unable to accept and must cancel. When you use this website, submit product applications or change such selected applications and receive a Westwin’s email to confirm, you shall make and enter into on line the related service contract as to specific products separately. In case of any special stipulations in the specific contracts, such contracts shall prevail.


6. Due to market changes and various uncontrollable factors despite reasonable commercial efforts, Westwin does not guarantee the services you propose to purchase are in stock.

Making a valid application on this website ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/account_application/index.html ) only constitutes the receipt of your offer by our system. Only when Westwin make the email confirming of the services you purchase, the purchase contract between you and Westwin with respect to the Westwin Service has established.


7. This website may contain web links provided by third parties. You understand and confirm that this website only provides such links for the purpose of displaying services. We or this website will not be involved in any services received by you accordingly after your clicking such links and afterwards jumping to any other websites.


II. Rights and Obligations


1. You shall ensure that any information provided by you is legal, truthful, accurate and detailed. In case of any change, you shall contact us timely. In the event that any information for registration provided by you is illegal, untruthful, inaccurate or incomplete, you shall assume the corresponding liability and result accordingly and Westwin keeps the right to terminate the provision of services. You shall properly provide the related information in accordance with the tips of registration application form in this website and timely update the correct, latest and complete information of yourself. You agree that Westwin may store and use the information provided by you during your using Westwin Service and the subsequent services.


2. You shall properly keep the information on and about your using Westwin Service, and shall not provide such information to any third party unless laws, regulations, or judicial decision or decree requires. You shall be accordingly responsible for any act of leaking or divulging the aforementioned information on your own.


3. You shall not employ services provided by this website to engage in any activities which violate laws, regulations, or related supervision stipulations of China. Otherwise, Westwin has the right to terminate the provision of services for you.


4. Any act of logging on this website, applying products, change selected applications, and the subsequent operation shall be deemed the act by you. Any result and liability of or arising from the aforementioned act shall be borne by you on your own.


5. Westwin will adopt reasonably strict measures to keep logon environment safe. You agree and confirm that Westwin will not promise any absolute security despite such adopted measures.


6. In case of any question on using services of this website, you may make inquiries to the email box and the language you use shall be Chinese or English.


7. For your smoothly submitting applications on services of this website, we are entitled to provide your information for registration to the third party, which is under confidentiality obligations for credit investigation.


III .Governing Law


You agree and accept that any dispute of or arising from the execution or performance of This Agreement shall be governed by the law of PRC and both parties shall initially attempt to resolve such dispute through amicable negotiation. In the event of failure of reaching an agreement on resolving dispute, any party shall bring it to the court where Westwin resides to resolve it through lawsuits.


IV. Agreement Updating


In case of any change or update to This Agreement or any of specific service contracts, you will be notified through public announcement or web page presentation in this website. If you continue to use this website or use any of services listed in this website, it shall be deemed that you have already agreed to and accepted the updated content of This Agreement.


V. Term and Termination of Agreement


1. The term of This Agreement is unfixed and will remain effective continuously, provided that Westwin is entitled to terminate this Agreement with a one month prior written notice without influencing effective specific service contracts.


2. In the event of any untruth of your identity information provided by you, or failure of your passing any of irregular verification by a third party after this Agreement taking effect, Westwin is entitled to terminate this Agreement. Meanwhile, if you have entered into any specific service contract with Westwin, the forgoing circumstances will cause the termination of such service contracts immediately and you shall assume the corresponding liability.