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China is now the world’s fastest growing mobile market. According to iResearch, 92% of online users in China own at least one smartphone, while this number is only 72% in the US. The total number of smartphone users in China was estimated to be around 672 million in 2017.

Comparing to the US market where Google Play dominates the Android space, in China, there are as many as over 200 app stores sharing the overall Android market. The top 3 are owned by TenCent, Baidu and 360 (previously known as Qihoo). Besides that, smartphone manufactures like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo also have their own pre-installed app store, which are able to produce a good amount of self-generated traffic as well. For any oversea app to be successful in China, our first suggestion is always to localize the app and publish it to these local Chinese stores.

In terms of platforms, mobile DSP is an effective way to reach your mobile users. Mobile DSP can cover a large number of mobile media, with large data analysis capabilities, through re-marketing technology, as well as terminal, media, geographic, keywords, crowd interest attributes and other multi-dimensional technology lock, with the goal of gaining target audience effectively and precisely.


Online marketing campaign strategy and execution on mobile device

Mobile app localization, including language translation and submission to local stores

Mobile app promotion through search and social media

Paid promotion in app stores

Regular reports with data interpretation

Two of the most popular mobile platforms

Baidu Mobile DSP

Baidu Mobile DSP aims to become the professional and trustworthy mobile marketing platform for advertisers and help advertisers achieve effective and precise targets and results. It operates on the base of big-data analysis and processing, covering a large number of mobile media.

360 Mobile Assistant

With 600 million users, 360 Mobile Assistant provides massive images, videos, games and software download service for users. As the No.1 Android App Store in China, 360 Mobile Assistant is a must for app promotion.

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