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Search engine marketing is often the first step to bring your brand to your audience. In this massive market, the major SEM products are more versatile and sophisticated compared to other markets/countries. Advertisers approach with very different tone, language and visuals, because of the high competition and unique culture. Doing good in search channel can provide a solid foundation for your other marketing channels.

Our professional SEM service can help you tackle through and across major search engines in China including but not limited to Baidu (Baidu PPC&Brand Ads), Qihoo 360 and Sogou. We also offer SEO service which goes hand in hand with SEM to ensure brands land this market with the biggest visibility and efficiency on search engines. A good SEO can generate quality traffic to your Chinese website, help your paid search ads perform better and improve conversion rate for your products or services.

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China Search Engines Overview


Baidu, the #1 digital platform in China
Efficiency is achieved when you focus on the right thing. Baidu is a dominant search engine in China, amassing 70% of search market shares. It is ranked fourth in the world and first in China for traffic, according to Alexa. Your visibility on Baidu will largely influence your success in China.
Baidu can reach 500,000,000 internet users, composing 95% of netizens in China. It responds to 600,000,000 searches every day. Besides, Baidu is also the biggest content network in China, collaborating with 600,000 partners and generating 5,000,000 page views every day. Not only prominent on PC, Baidu also takes up 68% of the mobile market.


Qihoo 360 Search, the #2 Search engine in China, 28% search market share
Qihoo 360 is the largest PC and Mobile Internet Security Provider in China. 360 also operates the largest Android market in China and is the No.1 web browser provider.


Sougou search, the #3 Search engine in China, 13% search market share
Sogou web search, as the core product of Sogou, provides search results with its own crawling technology. It was the first Chinese search engine that reached 10 billion search pages (now 50 billion). Sogou as a company has other products such as input methods, browser, music player and more.

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