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Increase your brand recognition and customer loyalty via WeChat and Weibo in China

Connect your business to Chinese audience via WeChat


WeChat, regarded as China’s WhatsApp/Line, is the most popular messaging app in China. WeChat has 5.5 million monthly active users, covering more than 90% mobile users in China.
WeChat is also the world’s #1 all-in-one platform, which serves as a digital wallet, a box office, and even a shopping platform. As an advertising channel, WeChat will help brands reach people with different personal data collected from all of their behaviors.

How your business profits from Weibo


Sina Weibo is regarded as China’s Twitter, which is the biggest user generated content platform in China. You can broadcast your business news and product updates in addition to engaging in hot topics to promote your brand and obtain market attention. You can easily communicate with your clients to learn about their opinions and suggestions through Weibo.
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