Effective advertising to seamlessly attract followers and enhance brand visibility

Reaching the Right Audience in the right place

Connect your brand with engaged audiences - our native advertising solution allows you to isolate target audiences based on ages, demographics, browsing habits and more. By matching advertorial to branded content, native ads aim to drive quality traffic to your site and monetize your ads with increased results.

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Launch Screen Ads

Full-screen marketing messages sending to as many viewers as possible


Ads inside your feed to help monetize your site and provide a better user experience 


Full-screen marketing messages sending to as many viewers as possible

Video Ads

Bring rich brand experiences to your viewers through targeted video ads.

our display ad networks

Our premium native advertising networks covers the most popular online platform in China. With quality contents and dedicated Chinese audience, you will find a suitable platform fitting your verticle and matching your requirements.

Media Network

News network advertising provides a vast amount of impressions that will send your message to broader audiences.

Our media network includes:

Search Network

The most cost-effecient way to reach your target market - get your ads in front of these future customers on China's top search engines.

Our search network includes:

Social Network

Your potential cusotmers are on WeChat & Weibo all day long - drive instant traffic with these China's hottest social platforms.

Our social network includes:

Travel Network

Powerful method for hospitality & tourism business to increase brand awareness and sales online.

Our travel network includes:

Video Network

Watching videos online are extremely popular in China. Place your ads on selected platforms can bring High quality traffic to your site.

Our online video network includes:

Education Network

China is one of the largest e-learning consumer markets in the world, making online education the perfect pace to advertise.

Our education network includes: