Understanding your targeted audience and offering the most appropriate solution

For Fast Entry and Steady Growth in China

Chinese market offers great business opportunities however the challenges of this market are just as real, ranging from inadequate market information, inappropriate entry strategy, lack of knowledge about local customers, and cultural differences etc.

We provide professional support to help you gain understanding of the Chinese market. Our Chinese market specialist will assist you in creating an effective campaign.

For Fast Entry and Steady Growth in China


Market research is essential -  we deliver pro-active data collection solutions that can help your company succeed in China.

  • Primary & Secondary Market Research
  • Industry & Consumer Research
  • Qualitative & Quantitative surveys
  • Competitor Research & Analysis


We help you better understand your customers and effectively leverage brand strategy.

  • Chinese Consumer Insights
  • Chinese Consumer Trends
  • Consumer Experience Strategy
  • Consumer Marketing & Personalization


Our digital strategy services identify where the opportunities are to make the biggest impact.

  • China Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Market Entry Planning
  • Digital Strategy Planning & Execution