China eCommerce Guide: How to Sell Products Online to Buyers in China

Whether you are already an established seller or are just getting started, a great way to increase your sales is to sell to China online. Chinese consumers love buying products from international brands, meaning that, if you do it right, you can profit greatly by selling to them.


However, it is a bit more difficult to sell to China online than you may think. Therefore, this blog will explain how to effectively sell products online to Chinese consumers so that you can get started today.



What Are Chinese Consumers Interested in Buying?

One of the benefits of deciding to sell to China online is that Chinese consumers buy not only a lot of international products but a good variety of them too. In general, Chinese consumers are interested in buying high-quality international fashion and jewelry brands, electronics, home appliances, alcohol, office supplies, and even fresh foods, like vegetables and fruit.


So, regardless of what you sell to China online, there is a good chance that quite a few Chinese consumers will be interested in it and willing to make a purchase!



Where to Sell From?

It is important to remember that Chinese consumers do not necessarily see the internet the same way we do. Therefore, it is important to cater to them when you sell online to China. Chinese consumers buy products from a variety of online storefronts, including Amazon.cn, Tmall, JD.com, Suning, as well as vip.com, Yihaodian, Dangdang, and Jumei.


As you can see, once you decide to sell to China online, there are quite a few storefronts to choose from. So, make sure you do the research to find out which one you will sell your product on most effectively.


After doing so, find out if you can include mobile support for purchases. Chinese consumers purchase many items off of their mobile devices, meaning that having mobile support may make the difference between gaining a sale or losing it.



Remember to Localize and Use SEO

When you sell to China online, SEO is just as important as always. In order to attract potential consumers to your products, it is important to make effective use of SEO, no matter which storefront you decide to sell from.


Also, it will be beneficial to localize your content when you sell to China online. Your SEO strategy will accomplish nothing if the content designed to attract Chinese consumers to your product is unreadable to them. Make sure you localize your SEO content in order to maximize the Chinese consumers who can be led to your product’s page.



Be as Accommodating as Possible

When you sell to China online, you need to be as accommodating as possible. To the Chinese consumer, you are an international seller; and as we all know, buying items from international sellers can be stressful and confusing. For that reason, it is important to make sure that your payment and shipping options are as accommodating as possible.


There are a variety of payment methods you should consider using when you sell to China online. It is best to use digital payment with credit cards or other payment methods, such as Alipay or WeChat Wallet. By doing so, you can easily guarantee that everyone who comes across your product online will be able to purchase it. 


It is also important to make sure you have global shipping set up so that you can get lower shipping rates. This will not only make it cheaper for you to ship products when you sell to China online, but it will also make your buyers happier, increasing your competitive advantage against other sellers. Visit our website to learn more.

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