Westwin: One-stop China Marketing Solution for Your Success


Formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), Westwin is now a leading provider of cross-border digital marketing strategies and solutions for both Chinese and foreign advertisers.


We Are Westwin

As the core partner of Microsoft in China, we have been the exclusive entity officially operating Bing Ads for over 10 years. Our team has helped thousands of customers to gain success in cross-border business. Through 12 years of operation and innovations, we developed a complete and advanced business management system and an advertising platform co-developed with Microsoft.


Now, We offer exclusive marketing plans for you to boost awareness and stand out of the crowd. By collaborating with major search engines and social media platforms in China and globally, we cover the full range of digital marketing services including Research and Insights, Strategic Consulting, Website Localization, SEM & SEO, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and more.


Digital Ad Specialists

Ad spending in China continues to shift rapidly toward digital formats. This trend will persist in the coming years thanks to its enormous user size, therefore digital advertising is considered to be one of the most critical elements of any brand’s China marketing strategy.


We have built strategic partnerships with world leading players. Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, Tencent, Weibo… we are partner and top tier agent of biggest online platforms in China. The first hand updates and information, main communication channels and premium access will be the core to support your China business.



Let's Grow Together

Westwin helped thousands of customers to gain success in cross-border business.


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