Five China eCommerce Trends You Need to Know

Trends are constantly growing and changing in the marketing world, and it’s crucial for businesses to keep on top of them when marketing to China. From cross-border eCommerce to key opinion customers, to the rise of circular eCommerce, it’s vital for companies to understand these top five eCommerce trends and hire an eCommerce agency in China to target them.



Cross-Border eCommerce


Chinese consumers are growing more concerned about the quality of products, particularly regarding the safety of foods, and many have turned to cross-border eCommerce for this reassurance. Many Chinese consumers are purchasing online from countries such as the United States, trusting these international deals to provide them with safer and higher quality products. An eCommerce agency in China is the ideal source for information and strategy surrounding these trends.



Influencer Popularity Increase


Influencers are on the rise in China now more than ever, and their popularity means brand sponsorship and reviews that will influence consumers toward different products and services. Influencers use social media followings on platforms such as WeChat (China’s version of Facebook or Instagram) to promote brands they like, and companies need to be aware of this as a key marketing tool in China, which is only growing in effectiveness. If your business is marketing in China, you need an eCommerce agency in China to help stay relevant with these influencer trends.



Developing the West of China


The rural West of China is quickly becoming more digitally active, and this progress is being strongly encouraged by the Chinese government, which has plans to continue developing the West more and more. Instead of a linear progression from low technology, to semi-modern, to modern, the rural areas of Western China have skipped straight to smartphones and WeChat, and their active users are drastically increasing. If you’re a business looking to improve your marketing, you need to recognize the rapidly growing development in the West, and you need to begin targeting the enormous potential audience there with an eCommerce agency in China.



Key Opinion Customers


Key opinion customers are an increasing trend in China, thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok and Kwai. These key opinion customers are average consumers that are now able to easily leave reviews and recommendations for their moderate to a small audience and generally are received as more trustworthy than traditional advertisements and huge influencer celebrities by the public. Your business could benefit greatly by employing an eCommerce agency in China and using this trend to your advantage for marketing purposes.



Circular eCommerce


Recycling is all the rage, and eCommerce is no exception. Chinese consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability, and they want affordable, ethical solutions to their buying and selling. The current trends developing are towards reselling and buying local, unique products. Environmental issues, tight budgets, and variety are all leading factors in this trend, which means that your company could benefit from appealing to these benefits in your Chinese marketing campaigns. An eCommerce agency in China will know the ins and outs of these consumer habits and motivations, and hiring one is the wise choice for any business.


Overall, there are many critical marketing trends that an eCommerce agency in China can help you benefit from, including cross-border eCommerce, influencers, development in the West of China, the rise of key opinion customers, and the increased demand for circular eCommerce. Click here to learn more.



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