How to Maximize your WeChat E-Commerce Presence

There are few social media platforms on the planet quite like WeChat. No one else, not Twitter, not Instagram, not even Facebook, have a dedicated daily active user base that is so geographically localized. In fact, the way that WeChat has proven itself into the daily experience in China is incredible, to the point that no company that wants to succeed can ignore WeChat e-commerce.


WeChat e-commerce refers to the many ways that WeChat’s 1 billion users can shop right on the messaging app without leaving to a browser. It has become one of the dominant ways that people in China shop online, and it is a golden opportunity for sellers who are looking to move into China.


That move, however, can come with pitfalls and problems, which is why many companies are turning to dedicated China-focused marketing companies, like Westwin. Here are a few ways in which you can maximize your WeChat e-commerce in China.



Get to Know Your Mini Programs


While we mostly refer to selling on WeChat as “WeChat e-commerce,” this is all done through something called “mini programs.” Since WeChat is a fairly complex messaging app, the platform created mini apps to handle the actual e-commerce aspect of the site. The result is a network of programs that all work together on the WeChat platform.


Anyone who is getting started in WeChat e-commerce will need to familiarize themselves with the platform—not simply to understand how it functions, but also to maximize its features. By exploring the program and understanding how it works, you can recognize many of its buried features that can help smooth the customer experience and maximize your sales.



Keep the Focus on the Customer


WeChat is a social media platform, but it is best described as a messaging app. For that reason, there are certain rules, both written and unwritten, that help make the experience better for your customers. That means focusing less on posts and content, as would be the major focus for a Facebook or Instagram campaign, and instead of looking at how to seamlessly take a user from looking at your shop to making a purchase on your WeChat e-commerce platform.



Look to the Professionals


While many companies try to make it on their own with WeChat e-commerce, the truth is that the most successful foreign companies on WeChat turn to the professionals to get set up and run their campaigns. China and WeChat in particular have many rules, regulations, trends, and technologies that make setting up a store more difficult than you may think. But with the help of a dedicated marketing company, like Westwin, you can set your WeChat platform up for success, now and into the future.


Westwin has become one of the world’s premier companies for helping businesses find success in China. We have dedicated ourselves to crafting solid campaigns that understand the intricacies of marketing in China. From government approval and platform registration to targeted website experiences and WeChat e-commerce, Westwin can help you establish yourself in the Chinese market and reach new levels of success. Click here for more details.

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