Selling in China - The Top Chinese Marketplaces to Sell On

As one of the largest markets in the world, China is on every business’s radar. Having a foothold in the Chinese market gives businesses access to over a billion consumers, not to mention the leading consumer market for luxury goods. E-commerce marketplaces are rapidly expanding to reach more customers, not only within China, but also around the world. There are several Chinese marketplaces available to those with their eyes on the Middle Kingdom looking to sell to China online.




Alibaba is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world, hosting products from consumer electronics to health and medical supplies. This online giant is a hub for global imports and exports, and it makes it easy to sell to China online. For sellers, Alibaba has a number of options for memberships, including registering as a Free Supplier or a Gold Supplier. Gold Suppliers can then choose from three tiers of membership that range in price and in the number of products a business can showcase.




JD is the second largest B2C online marketplace in China; it boasts 334 million active users. JD Worldwide connects Chinese consumers with businesses around the globe using an accessible and interactive marketplace. JD has gained a reputation amongst sellers for its expansive logistics networks, with fulfilments stations and warehouses all around the country. For any business looking to sell to China online, becoming familiar with JD is a good idea.




While not a player in the international market, Taobao is the largest C2C marketplace within China. This impressive E-commerce giant has over eight million stores and over 600 million active users per month. Taobao is generally understood as an everyday marketplace for those wanting to sell to China online, catering to middle class Chinese consumers on the search for low and middle end domestic goods.




A newcomer to China’s E-commerce market, Pinduoduo is quickly gaining traction as a leader in online shopping. Pinduoduo uses a C2B model that allows buyers to purchase goods directly from the manufacturers, cutting out the distribution middle person and creating a more straightforward process for selling to China online. The platform leans more toward smaller or lesser-known brands and offers lower cost advertising for sellers. A unique feature of the platform is the reliance on consumers to advertise products through social media.




Tmall is an E-commerce platform that allows international companies to access the Chinese market and sell to China online. The marketplace is a one-stop-shop for consumers who are looking to buy luxury goods from within and outside of China. For international sellers, Tmall Global allows for selling in China without opening a Chinese bank account.



Reaching the Chinese Market

China is home to the largest online marketplaces in the world. While there is no shortage of opportunity for businesses to sell to China online, reaching Chinese audiences will require careful planning and an understanding of the Chinese consumer market. For businesses planning to start the journey into the Chinese market, working with an agency specializing in Chinese marketplaces is a must. Westwin is a leader in providing solutions for marketers, offering all-in-one solutions that will help your business thrive.


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