WeChat Marketing: Five Tips to Market Your Brand on WeChat

WeChat is China’s number one social media platform that was created back in 2011. It is available on virtually every known mobile platform, so it makes it a great place to promote your brand within the Chinese marketplace. WeChat includes features such as: text chat, newsreader, video calling, games, e-wallet system, QR code support, geo-localized marketing services; and there are lots of ways you can take advantage of all these in your WeChat marketing to expand your brands influence in China.



Create an Official Account


The first and foremost tip for WeChat marketing is getting your brand an official account on WeChat in order to unlock all the features you’re going to need for spreading your brands influence. There are two types of official public accounts you can apply for: subscription accounts, and service accounts.   Subscription accounts are more focused on getting information out and communication for your brand. This type of account is going to act more like a newsfeed than anything else, you will be able to publish up to 6 articles a day, so make sure you have good quality content that will bring attention to your brand. Service accounts focus more on giving your brand the ability to provide customer service, a more robust API and gives you access to the WePay platform )and WeChat Store if you get verified). With a service account you can only post 4 times a month, with 1-6 articles per post. Service accounts are best for larger businesses that have already established larger audiences and customer databases.



Innovative and Shareable Quality Content


A great tip for WeChat marketing is that you need to ensure that whichever official account type you choose that you have high quality content to share with your audience. You want content that is going to be interesting and engaging for your customers, but is also something they would want to share with their friends and family so that you bring them into your scope. The more interested they are in everything you post, the more your brand name can spread.



Community Interaction


The best thing about WeChat marketing is the amount of interaction you can have with your customer base. You’ll want to engage with your community as much as you can to ensure they are talking about you. This engagement can be expanded with the use of giveaways, loyalty programs and incentives, or direct interaction through live chats or livestreams. You can also use community influencers to spread your brand name through sponsored contests, as influencers will often have large communities themselves.



Ecommerce Integration and Customer Service


Ecommerce integration can be an important part of WeChat marketing. Giving your customers the ability to pay for products or services through the WeChat platform via WePay is a great convenience and can integrate with geolocation marketing to focus on customers within proximity of a brick-and-mortar store.



Need To Jumpstart Your WeChat Marketing?


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