Five Reasons to Use WeChat Marketing

WeChat is one of the world’s largest, most versatile apps. One that combines multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment into a single location. It is also a unique app, even in the current landscape of “apps for everything” and a unique advertising opportunity. Here are just five reasons why you should use WeChat for marketing in China, and how the right WeChat Marketing Agency can help you craft an effective campaign.


1. They Have a Massive Audience

WeChat has roughly 500 million users in China alone, with another 100 million users around the world. That is over a third of the most populous country on the planet. It is by far one of the most comprehensive ways to advertise to Chinese and Chinese-American audiences on a platform that they use, love, and trust.


2. It’s Part of an Ecosystem

With WeChat, you can tap into a digital web of other apps rather than simply being limited to the single app. This is because WeChat, unlike most self-contained apps, is versatile and integrated into many other apps. Third-party additions and services are constantly being added, meaning you can create a campaign that connects uniquely. This is especially true when you partner up with the right WeChat marketing agency.


3. Seamless Purchasing Opportunities

Imagine an Instagram that doesn’t simply have a “Shop Now” button that sends people off the platform. Imagine an app that has everything on the platform itself, including seamless payment options with cards pre-loaded into the app by users. That is WeChat. Not only does this mean you and your WeChat Marketing Agency will have incredible metrics to measure your campaign, but that the journey from “like” to “conversion” is much, much shorter on WeChat.


4. Brand Awareness and Development

Many companies have created WeChat public profiles to interact with the platform’s large audience. These public profiles enjoy high levels of engagement and can use all kinds of different features to connect with their audience and help drive sales and brand awareness.


5. Multiple Ways to Advertise

Want to connect with your audience with an eye-catching banner ad or a well-researched advertorial? Both are easy to do on WeChat, but, you aren’t limited to these types of adverts. WeChat offers plenty of advertising strategies for any business willing to learn the platform. Better yet, you can hire a WeChat Marketing Agency to help you craft the perfect strategy to reach audiences in the right way.


WeChat, to outsiders, can be an intimidating platform. It is a large, fully integrated app that is used by hundreds of millions of people. It is also one of the best ways to connect with Chinese audiences in innovative and effective ways. If you are looking to break into China through WeChat, we can help. We are an experienced WeChat Marketing Agency that can help you get the campaign you want and the results you desire on WeChat. Contact us today to hear more about what our WeChat campaigns can do for your business.


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