All About Search Engine Marketing on Baidu

If you’re looking to expand your business into the Chinese market, search engine marketing on Baidu is the best way to reach large numbers of people and maximize your revenue.



What is Baidu?


Baidu is the leading search engine in China and holds over 80% of market shares in that country. For anyone in the West looking to expand into the rapidly growing consumer and client base in China, Baidu is the search engine to use. Using Google won’t be of much use to your company at all, as you won’t even come close to reaching the large numbers you’re after with it. If you’re serious about expanding into the Chinese market with search engine marketing and tapping into those over 800 million people with internet access as your consumers or clientele, Baidu SEM is the only way to go.



Before You Begin Search Engine Marketing


Baidu SEM is lucrative for businesses looking to expand into the Chinese market. However, you need the right domain suffix. Before you begin search engine marketing on Baidu, make sure you have a .CN suffix for your domain.


Web hosts located outside of China are penalized in the search engine calculations and receive much lower rankings than .CN hosts. If you want your SEM to do its job and give you amazing Chinese market access, then you need to purchase a domain.



Should You Hire a Company for Baidu SEM?


The market in China doesn’t work the same as it does here. It’s a different culture, there are different search and behavioral patterns online from the West. There are many reasons to hire experts for your search engine marketing on Baidu.



Expertise is Key


First, the key word here is experts. Companies for Baidu SEM have spent years working with the Chinese market patterns and developing crucial strategies for search engine marketing in China. Experts have accurate data and tactical plans that ensure the maximum website ranking and revenue possible for your company. Experienced companies can help your business to the extent that it would be impossible to do on your own.


You also have a business to run, and you likely don’t have the time for hours of market research, analyzing behavioral patterns, developing Baidu SEM strategies from all of that information, and crunching numbers. By hiring experts to handle your search engine marketing, you aren’t only ensuring the best ranking potential for your business, you’re ensuring that you have the time to manage your business.



Experience Matters


Moreover, Baidu SEM companies have a track record of success that you probably don’t with search engine marketing. You can rest assured that the ranking and revenue will improve because that’s historically what the company has succeeded in doing for clients. However, if you try to manage the search engine marketing on your own, it would be a trial run, with little expectancy for great success.


A good Baidu SEM company will be able to provide you with plans for pay-per-click marketing, including account setup, campaign management, as well as analyzing and reporting back to you. They should also be able to use SEO to your advantage, which will include strategic planning, additional campaign management, analytic reports, as well as some additional services of value.


Overall, Baidu SEM is vital for expanding your business into the large Chinese market and can be optimized with the help of a trusted SEM company.


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