Tips for Choosing a Competent Digital Marketing Company in China

China is one of the largest markets in the international community, and it is the leading consumer market for luxury goods. Almost every brand is already in or working on building a presence in China. Getting into the Chinese market can expand your company’s outreach and profit tremendously; however, finding success in the market can be a delicate process with some hoops to jump through. Digital marketing in China is vital for anyone hoping for a successful outreach in the middle kingdom. There are a lot of things to be on the lookout for when choosing a digital marketing company in China.



Strong Brand

Branding is everything in the Chinese market. Word of mouth is a strong drive for commerce, and without a strong brand presence, your success in China will be limited. When picking a digital marketing company, you need to be on the lookout for their branding presence. Being able to build and promote a brand in an international market is everything. Building your brand will require a company that is familiar with successful marketing narratives in China, and further knows how to navigate the online channels. Digital marketing in China will be the make or break it for your brand, so be sure any marketing company you work with is a champion at the brand building craft.



Online Presence

E-commerce is colossal in China – and this is no exaggeration. Almost everything can and is bought through online vendors such as Taobao. Weibo and WeChat are among the most popular and powerful social media apps, so if you were planning on relying on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, think again. To be successful in digital marking in China, your brand will need a presence on one if not both of these local Chinese apps. Any digital marketing company working in China will be more than familiar with these platforms, and they will be able to transition your brand to the Chinese online social sphere. When looking into digital marketing in China and finding the right company to represent you overseas, look for demonstrated media fluency on these channels.




Without a strong reputation, you can wave goodbye to your dreams of excelling in the Chinese market. Being successful in the Chinese market is focused on your brand’s reputation and digital marketing is the key to building the right image. Many brands have had a fallout in the Chinese market as a result of politically insensitive messaging, commercials, and online behavior (see the infamous case of Gucci). Choosing a digital marketing company that is well versed in Chinese relations and political climates is vital for succeeding in the market.


Building a brand is always a challenge and building a brand in another country is an even greater feat. Digital marketing in China is a fast-growing industry and for a good reason. To succeed as an international business, you are going to need a great brand, a strong online presence, and a solid reputation. Choosing a digital marketing company that already has these qualities will put your brand in the fast lane to breaking into the Chinese market.



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