WeChat for Business: What Marketers Need to Know

Social media marketing has taken the world by storm. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others, businesses have many avenues to reach their consumers on a digital level. However, depending on your target audience, some social media platforms are more effective at advertising your product than others. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are heavily used by people from North America; in China, on the other hand, the social media app WeChat is the most popular social media platform. If you or your business are considering marketing on a social media platform for Chinese consumers, then WeChat marketing is the social media platform you should be advertising through.



What is WeChat?


WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, mobile payment, and social media app. WeChat has been characterized as China’s app for everything and a super app due to its wide range of functions. WeChat is China’s number one social media platform, with over nine hundred and two million daily active users, seven hundred and ninety-seven million monthly active users of official accounts, sixty-six minutes on average of time spent in WeChat, and with multiple check-ins on the app daily by users. You are able to advertise your brand and products through WeChat extremely effective due to the massive reach of WeChat marketing throughout both users and engagement. Social media platforms like WeChat help you build online brand awareness and generate revenue.



How Can WeChat Help You?


1. Reach your Chinese consumers. Using social media platforms that are popular in other parts of the world will not be successful in the Chinese social media sphere. To reach your social media marketing goals, you must use the social media platforms that are prevalent with your target audience. For China, that social media platform is WeChat. As such, WeChat marketing will be highly successful with your Chinese consumers.


2. Drive traffic and subsequently increase sales. To be successful with social media marketing, you need to increase sales and accumulate traffic to your website. Advertising on a highly used social media platform like WeChat, you and your business will undoubtedly receive increased traffic, which will ultimately result in more sales of your advertised product - and possibly products that you didn’t advertise, but that were on your website and were purchased by the increased traffic your WeChat marketing created.


3. Heighten your brand awareness. With a highly utilized social media platform like WeChat, your brand will be advertised and interacted with fairly frequently. This user interaction will cause your brand to become well known to your Chinese audience, and this will result in increased sales, all thanks to WeChat marketing.



WeChat media marketing is an essential part of your Chinese marketing plan. To help you and your business succeed with your social media marketing plan, a marketing company is in your best interest - especially with plans that involve a new demographic in a market you have not delved into fully yet. Westwin is one such social media marketing guru, and they will assist you in succeeding in your Chinese social media marketing endeavors.

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