Why is Baidu Advertising Essential for Businesses in China?

China is home to over 850 million internet users, and with one of the largest populations in the world, it boasts an incredibly robust consumer market. Both domestic and international businesses have found success with Chinese audiences, but this success does not come without work. Growing a brand in China takes time and dedicated advertisement efforts. With the sheer volume of internet users, online advertising is crucial for any brand looking to tap into the market. As the top search engine in China, Baidu offers a direct path to Chinese consumers, and Baidu advertising is one of the most effective ways to getting a brand noticed.



Google, Meet Baidu


Many western companies are familiar with Google as a search engine giant, but the online world in China is a different story. With the firewall in place, Google is difficult, if not impossible, to access in Mainland China without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Many Chinese internet users aren’t interested in using Google anyway, VPN, or not. Why would they when Baidu is easier to access and localized for Chinese audiences? Any international brand with a goal of reaching Chinese consumers must get on board with Baidu advertising if they hope to be successful in the Middle Kingdom.



Navigating Chinese Online Spheres


China is home to several online social media platforms with millions of active users. Baidu works in tandem with these platforms to brings users and brands closer. Having an active advertising presence on Baidu paves the way into the Chinese market for brands. Especially for non-Chinese companies that do not yet have a reputation with Chinese audiences, Baidu advertising is the first step into one of the world’s largest consumer markets.



Utilizing Baidu for your Business


Baidu advertising offers an impressive layout for companies who are looking to benefit from the platform. The ‘Baidu Brand Zone’ creates a platform for brands to build a virtual profile with photos, videos, and social links in a customizable ad format. Advertisement feeds are further programmed into the search engine to suggest products that relate to a user’s search history and online activity.
For companies looking to up their Baidu advertising game, there are two main approaches. The first is pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and the second is search engine optimization (SEO). Both these digital tools assist brand growth and consumer reach. PPC advertising connects products with consumers through selective paid advertising. Companies only pay when a user clicks their ad, rather than paying a standard rate. With SEO, keywords and phrases are used to optimize a website for online searches. These keywords are pulled by search engines and increase visibility online. Both methods are key advertising techniques that will help brands get the most out of Baidu advertising.


Get Connected with Baidu

Ready to connect to the Middle Kingdom with Baidu advertising? Like all advertising campaigns, finding success on Baidu can take plenty of planning and a working knowledge of Chinese audiences. Sound daunting? The good news is there are companies that have created a foundation for tapping into the market through strategic online advertising. Working with an advertising company with experience in China removes barriers and is the first step to getting your brand noticed by Chinese audiences.


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