The Role of Baidu SEM in Business Growth

Brand Management Through Global Online Advertising


Globalization and advancing technology present novel, unique challenges for contemporary business start-ups to thrive. On the one hand, the expanding communication web through smartphones and voice search make accessibility for new brands much easier for reaching potential clients. On the other, those selfsame brands have to make their presence known among all the other brands that are using the same tactic, like Baidu SEM, to make themselves known.


It's, therefore, necessary for start-ups to be keen on all the resources at their disposal and employ them in innovative and unique ways. The easiest and cheapest means of communicating a brand to a global populace is through digital web technology in the form of images and phrases, and there are a few avenues that business owners can use to achieve the intended benefit. One important move is to hire a marketing agency that employs some of the most important methods for advertising and brand management, namely pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing strategies, like Baidu SEM.



Search Engine Marketing


Baidu SEM, or search engine marketing, is a widely used and popular choice for online advertising. It is reputed to have been the most effective means of reaching the customer by 85% of businesses surveyed. Search engine marketing (SEM) employs, under its umbrella, both paid and unpaid means of advertising. In some cases, the marketing company will simply pay search engines, such as Google or Bing, to incorporate its ads in keyword searches. In others, they will employ search engine optimization (SEO) practices, which are keyword-focused.

Increasing the number of hits or clicks is a matter of how elaborate your approach to keywords is. The simpler the phrase – being as small as a single word – the less likely it is that it will stand out among all the other companies advertising using the same word. It is why it is best to use long-tail keywords, which are service- and location-specific (e.g. "best dog groomers in Atlanta). Finally, Baidu SEM employs market analytics, which are methods used to distinguish a target audience and follow up on the efficacy of ad campaigns using metrics. Factors which can influence how much impact your advertising has included how specific your keywords are, and whether you're using text ads, display ads, or both.



Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising differs from SEO and Baidu SEM in a few ways. The advertiser essentially pays on commission only when their ads are clicked by users online. How many clicks an advertiser gets is determined by how often your product – and not necessarily your company – get searched, and the medium of the ad, two of the most well-known of which are text ads and display ads. Text ads, as the name suggests, are simply written ads that will pop up as the top three or four results of an engine search. It will typically be indicated as such before the article (in Google, for instance, the ad piece is prefaced with a small box with text reading "ad"). In the same vein, display ads are visual representations of the product search. In both cases, the ads usually cater to websites that are popular among the demographic you are trying to target.



Search Engine Marketing in China


Being the most populated and one of the most quickly advancing and influential trade partner countries in the world, reaching a Chinese audience is of the utmost importance for anyone seeking to grow a global brand. Westwin specializes in Chinese search engine marketing, and they will help with prominent campaigns easily found on popular Chinese search engine platforms such as Baidu SEM and 360. With offices in New York, London, and metropolitan China, Westwin is a formidable force in brand market management worldwide.


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