Why Social Media Marketing is the New Trend for Marketing?

Over the years, there have been many trends in marketing. The biggest changes happen when major technological changes happen. For instance: the printing press for newspapers, the radio, the television, and now the internet with social media. Social media is the newest trend for marketing, and it is already a multi-billion-dollar industry today. Millions of people are using social media every day, and a large portion of them use more than one platform, which means getting a strong social media marketing presence that is spread out is important for increasing brand visibility. So, why is social media marketing in China the new trend for marketing?




Vast Reach of Social Media Platforms


As mentioned above, the reach of social media platforms is astronomical, especially in China. There are likely hundreds of millions of people checking social media platforms every day, whether it is at home, or on the go, so getting your brand on one or more of the available platforms (such as WeChat or Weibo) is important for gaining access to millions of potential customers. Not only that, but once you have a social media presence going, growth will also start to happen organically, as long as you have interesting content to share, because people will start to share your posts within their own circles of family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. That’s the beauty of social media marketing in China.




Reaching the Heart of your Consumers


Social media marketing in China has the ability to allow your brand to connect with consumers in a way that wasn’t possible previously. When your brand engages with your audience through social media, it gives them a way to respond directly to you in real-time, and vice versa. You can share things that are important to your brand that is maybe not direct advertising, but that allows your audience to understand what your brand stands for; this gives them a more personal connection, making them more interested in sharing what your brand has to say and giving them a sense of brand loyalty. 




Influencers have a Strong Presence


Social media marketing in China also comes with the ability to have a new type of spokesperson for your brand: the key opinion leaders (KOLs), or influencers. Previously, these roles would be paid roles with actors, but now you can create deals with KOLs, either through monetary sponsorships or product sponsorships, and get your product noticed by their vast audiences—audiences that are very interested in what they support and the products or services they personally use. A large number of social media users follow at least one KOL, so getting brand exposure through one or more KOLs is key to boosting your organic growth on social media.




Better Connections with Customer Support


Traditionally, customer support is often done through phone calls, emails, or other communication means, but now, with social media, you can have real-time, instantaneous, direct connections with customers. If an issue has arisen with your products, or if customers have noticed something that could be done better, social media allows for quick communication and meaningful support for large groups of people.


Everybody that follows your brand through the success of your social media marketing will be able to get the latest news about your products and services more rapidly.




Social Media Marketing in China


If you are interested in expanding your brand visibility by taking advantage of the new trend of social media marketing in China, then contact Westwin today to learn what they can do for you.


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