Social Media Marketing: Why it is a Powerful Weapon for Business Success

Traditional advertising and marketing techniques are still in use these days, whether it be print, media, or billboard ads, but nothing allows you to connect with your customers like social media marketing. Social media marketing in China is big, with several main platforms to choose from, like Weibo, WeChat, Baidu, Tencent QQ, etc.,  there are many opportunities to make a connection with your customers. These social media connections are a powerful weapon for the success of your business, creating lifelong customers and boosting the signal of your brand greatly in the digital age; but, why exactly is it such a powerful weapon for business success?



Building Social Relationships


Something that just can’t be built with traditional advertising and marketing techniques is a social relationship with your business customers. Over the years, people have become numb to traditional advertising techniques, like calls to actions to buy your services and products, if they don’t know who you are and your company values. With social media marketing, you can build up a relationship with your customers that can give them more emotional or personal reasons to purchase your product, from shared personal beliefs to interesting interactions through social media posts. Making yourself relatable to customers is easier through social media than traditional advertising, so take advantage.



Taking Advantage of Social Media Trends


Social media trends come and go rapidly, too fast to take advantage of the trends when it comes to taking them to traditional media like television ads or billboards. Social media marketing in China allows you to quickly jump onto the latest social media trends to bring attention to your brand, while also having fun with your customers online, building closer connections and trust with them. You can use the latest trend to create interesting and captivating advertising campaigns, or with big trends that change the public sentiment on a social issue, you can take the opportunity to evolve your companies stance, business services, and website to match.



More Effective Promotions

Promotions through social media marketing in China have been proven again and again to be very effective when properly executed. By building your advertising campaigns around social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Baidu and Tencent QQ, you can take advantage of the fact that these platforms to the average person are considered trustworthy. With a compelling and eye-grabbing social media campaign, you’ll be able to get into the sight of millions of users. You can use both paid promotions and free image, video, post sharing methods both to great effect with social media marketing.



Targeting Demographics More Precisely


Social media marketing in China allows your business also to target demographics much more precisely. Paid advertising platforms have powerful backends for you to take advantage of to target your ads much more precisely when compared to print media, television ad, or billboards. You also get a lot of data when you have social media accounts, so that you can see who exactly is visiting your accounts and interacting with your posts; information such as age range, location, buying habits, income, interest, etc. Using this data can allow you to custom build your campaigns to tailor them to those who will be interested in them.



Improved Customer Support


Having a presence on social media also means that you can have a better connection to your customers for customer support. You can use platforms like WeChat do have support agents chat directly to customers in real time, or use public posts on Weibo and other platforms like that to inform your customers of certain aspects of your business that may help them better use your services.



Social Media Marketing in China


After understanding how powerful a weapon social media marketing in China can be for the success of your business, contact the experts at Westwin to boost your brand in the Chinese market.



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