Weibo Marketing: How to Promote Your Brand on Weibo

Are you selling to China? Don’t forget about social media marketing and the importance of micro-blogging in the most populated place in the world. When you are microblogging in China, you have to be on Weibo. Weibo actually means micro-blog, but as one of the biggest tools for promotion in China, Weibo is hardly micro! It’s big. So how can you promote your brand on Weibo and be successful in Weibo marketing?  There is more involved than setting up an account and posting to it, as you might on Twitter or Facebook, but the principles are similar. There are some tips to help you promote your brand on Weibo.



Know your audience

If you are not accustomed to advertising in China and don’t speak Chinese, Weibo might seem intimidating. You can get started in English, and set up your account in English, but if you are trying to build followers with your Weibo marketing, you will need to have some knowledge of the language, culture, and tastes of that audience.



Create exceptional content

If your followers like your content, they will keep coming back for more. Be relevant, inspiring, and original. Once you have created great content for the audience that you want to inspire with your brand, then keep on creating great content. That is not just the secret to great Weibo marketing; it’s the answer to all social media marketing. Keep up with the audience and interact as much as possible. Answer questions—and be sure that the account is monitored and the responses are timely.



Be involved

You can promote your brand much better using Weibo marketing if you keep up with what is relevant in China. Follow as many hot Weibo accounts as you can keep up with and respond to. Follow celebrities and integrate your Weibo account with WeChat and with other commerce sites. In other words, be there. To successfully promote your brand in China, go where the audience is.



Advertise and Promote

Another way to be involved and be there for your Weibo audience is to advertise and do promotions. This may cost a little money, but it will pay you back. Planning online campaigns and promotions with advertising giveaways or other incentives for your followers will help your brand get bigger—, and your account will grow its audience.



Hire an advertising agency who knows China

This can all seem intimidating to those new to social media marketing, no matter the language. An advertising agency can advise you by walking you through your campaign and letting you know of its success. With the help of an advertising agency, you can be sure that you are working well with the audience you want to attract, properly engaging on other social media sites to drive the traffic that you need back to you.


Westwin can be your partner and can help your brand with cross-border advertising and social media needs. Don’t neglect the Chinese market just because of differences in language and culture.


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