Why is Weibo Marketing Better Than Other Social Media Marketing?

Why use Weibo marketing when expanding your business to China? What does it give you that other social media platforms can’t? Here are some of the benefits to using Weibo when growing your business.



Larger Audience


A key benefit to using Weibo is the much larger audience you’ll get. Weibo has over 900 million daily active users, which is no small number of potential customers. You can reach a vast number of people with this platform, numbers that other social media marketing campaigns can’t even compete with. Weibo marketing beats out many other social platforms in terms of audience, which makes it the clear choice for any growing business.



Favorite Choice in China


Weibo is a popular and well-established brand in China, to say the least. As one of the biggest social media platforms in China, any company looking to expand to Chinese consumer bases should have Weibo marketing as a top priority in its growth strategy. Other social media platforms just don’t do as well in China or aren’t even available to the same extent overseas, so using platforms that your Chinese audience actually uses and enjoys is crucial for success.



Improve Chinese Brand Awareness


The reality is, if you aren’t on Weibo, nobody in China is likely going to have a clue who your business is. Brand awareness is vital. People need to really be familiar with a brand before they tend to consider purchasing from them, and you can’t expect Chinese consumers to love your business if they don’t know what you’re about! Weibo marketing will help you share your vision and reach consumers with your story and product. Brand awareness leads to brand loyalty when done correctly, and Weibo marketing can help you get there much better than other social media platforms in China.



Advertising Analytics Made Easy


Weibo marketing also makes it super easy to advertise to assess how you’re doing. It’s simple to target audiences based on demographicss, interests, and behavior, and that makes an enormous difference when trying to grow your business. Why take shots in the dark, when you can make a logical plan to target the right consumers? There’s no need for such risky trial and error when Weibo marketing lets you keep on top of trends and behaviors and act accordingly.



Modern Platform


Weibo is also up to date with current social media trends, and it appeals to younger audiences as well as the older generations. The simple nature of it makes it easy for all ages to use, while modern features such as the Weibo Story keep on-trend with younger consumers. It’s extremely important to have a platform that can remain relevant in these ever-changing times, which Weibo has proven apt at accomplishing. You can trust that Weibo marketing will stay current and popular.


Overall, Weibo marketing is an excellent strategy for reaching consumers in China, and it outcompetes the other social media platforms by far. If you’re a smart businessperson that wants a large, informed audience, and more solid analytics to inform your marketing choices, then Weibo is definitely right for you. Your company deserves to be heard, and it deserves the right platform to help ensure that happens.

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