Weibo Marketing: How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Weibo, also known as Sina Weibo, is often referred to as the Chinese version of Twitter. Weibo, in Chinese (微博), stands for microblogging, and is one of the largest social media platforms available in China, with 13 million monthly active users, 64,000 posts per minute, and an average of 2 billion daily video views. With such large visibility, it becomes a great platform to spread your brand through Weibo marketing.





Weibo has a built-in power advertising system to help you get your branded Weibo marketing out there to the viewing audience. The advertising on Weibo is similar to many other social media and search platforms in the Chinese marketplace. Compared to WeChat, Weibo CPM, for cost per thousand impressions, is cheaper. Weibo advertising can also target users specifically in various ways, such as targeting users that follow other accounts, whether they are partnered influencers or competitors. You can also target your advertising to users that participated in previous marketing campaigns, helping you retain customers and build long-term customer relationships.



KOL Marketing


KOL, Key Opinion Leaders, are the influencers of the Weibo marketplace, and they can be key to the success of your Weibo marketing. By contacting KOLs, you can offer them pay, or gifts, in order to gain exposure from their promotion of your brand. A special feature of Weibo is that there is integration directly with online retailers, such as Tmaill and Taobao for KOL marketing, so a Weibo influencer can post product links or coupons directly to the relevant product page on those online stores. KOL marketing campaigns are extremely cost-effective as well, having a much lower CPM, and much more successful impressions.



Weibo Lottery


If you are looking to draw on consumers to your brand through product giveaways, then the Weibo Lottery system is for you. Integrating the Weibo lottery into your Weibo marketing campaign can help increase the visibility of your brand greatly, as the lottery is shared amongst consumers. Chinese consumers don’t often fully trust lotteries that are organized by a brand, but with the Weibo lottery, you can encourage consumers to share or like a lottery with their family, friends, and followers for a chance to be rewarded with prizes. The Lottery system is completely transparent, with real-time winner lists that users can click directly on the lottery posting (and they can also share the post directly through a link on the post).



B2B Cross-Promotion


A Weibo marketing campaign can also include B2B (business-to-business) cross-promotions. You can team up with another company that has a similar following to help each other build up brand visibility and engagement on the platform.



Organic Growth


Some may consider organic growth the most hands-off approach to Weibo marketing, but in fact, it does require a lot of attention to ensure you are posting content that is interesting to your followers, and potential new followers. You will have to employ A-B testing to ensure that you are getting the most out of your posts—ie: lots of re-shares and increasing engagement. Weibo doesn’t show posts chronologically, so you need high engagement rates for your posts to be shown to more people; quality posts are a must.


If you are looking to give your brand visibility in China a big boost, then contact the experts at Westwin today to optimize your Weibo marketing for effective business growth.

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