How Do You Get Page Ranking on Baidu SEM?

Marketing on China’s Baidu search engine (or Baidu SEM) can be a difficult task, especially if you are not sure how your site is doing in the first place. Is it well-ranked? Is it receiving enough traffic? This can be difficult to determine sometimes. 
While companies like Westwin can help with your Baidu Search Engine Marketing—known as Baidu SEM—it still may not be clear how much traffic your website has gotten, nor what its ranking is in comparison to competitor sites.


Does Baidu Have Page Ranking?

While Baidu claims they do not have access to Page Rank or other page ranking sites found on the worldwide web—something that makes doing proper Baidu SEM somewhat difficult for websites—they do have their own detailed system for ranking individual website pages. The problem, however, is that Baidu’s ranking system is not perfect. 


What is Baidu’s Page Ranking?

Put simply, the way Baidu’s version of page ranking works is that Baidu will give your website a ranking from 1.0 to 5.0, in increments of 0.5. This ranking system shows you how your website ranks on Baidu—something that is very helpful for websites struggling with their Baidu SEM—but it is not on par with some of the page ranking sites found on the worldwide web.


What are the Limitations of Baidu’s Page Ranking?

The main problem with Baidu’s page ranking system is that it was only added to Baidu as part of Baidu Webmaster Tools’ fifth anniversary. Furthermore, unless you have verified your site on Baidu Webmaster Tools, you cannot check the site’s ranking. This is an obvious limitation for sites trying to successfully conduct Baidu SEM since their access to the ranking system is limited by certain factors. What’s more, if you wish to check a competitor’s page ranking on Baidu, you are out of luck; Baidu only lets you check the page ranking of sites you have personally registered on Baidu Webmaster Tools. While some sites have found solutions to this problem, none of these solutions are perfect. 


How Can You Get Your Baidu Page Ranking?

After you have officially registered your website on Baidu Webmaster Tools, all you need to do is go to the Baidu Webmaster Tools page and select your registered site from a menu. After selecting the option to see your website’s Baidu page ranking, you will be brought to a vibrant screen showing a cartoon female character and a hearts-based ranking system. Even if this is not a perfect solution, this is the best way to find out whether your Baidu SEM has been working or not. 


In Conclusion

It is not difficult to check your website’s page ranking on Baidu, assuming there is still the option to do so. The problem, really, is that Baidu’s page ranking system is nowhere near as accessible or refined as the many page ranking sites found on the worldwide web. In addition to this, the fact that you cannot check a competitor’s page ranking makes determining whether your Baidu SEM has truly worked or not unnecessarily difficult, if not nearly impossible.

Still, if using the ranking system found in Baidu Webmaster Tools is your only option, then it is at least better than nothing. So, if you have no other ways of determining how your Baidu SEM has been working, checking your page ranking on Baidu Webmaster Tools is still a worthy choice, and may prove very useful in the end.

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