Advertising on Weibo: Which Weibo Advertising Option is the Best for You

With over 850 million users plugged in, China has one of the largest online consumer markets in the world. Both domestic and international brands have invested significant time in reaching this massive audience. Finding success in China's online market demands an understanding of the virtual landscape, the audience, and the strategies that have proven successful over time. One of the most important platforms for advertising in China is Sina Weibo, a leading Chinese microblogging network, leading to the all-important Weibo advertising strategies.



Sina Weibo: A Virtual Door to the Middle Kingdom


Weibo boasts approximately 480 active users as of 2019. There is an average of 64 thousand Weibo post per minute, and 90 percent of Weibo traffic comes from mobile devices. In just one day, video views skyrocket to 2 billion on the platform. Solidifying a presence on Weibo is a must for any brand or company looking to reach Chinese customers. Before launching your brand on the Chinese platform, it is important to understand the four types of Weibo advertising available.



Display Advertisements


Display advertising as a method of Weibo advertising is fairly similar to traditional digital marketing that is seen on other social platforms. Typically, these ads act as displays on a newsfeed or webpage, and they will link customers back to a company's own page or website.



Search Engine Optimization and Promotion


For those not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), the digital marketing tool uses keywords to reach customers and redirect them to a company's own webpage. Companies can pay to have their brands associated with popular search words, but the pricing for a keyword will increase with popularity. This is a common and highly effective technique used across search engines, and it is also an available tactic for Weibo advertising.



Fan Headline


Weibo's 'Fan Headline' offers one of the widest reaches across the Chinese platform. This form of Weibo advertising places a branded message at the top of a user's feed, making the marketing message among the first things a user will see when logging on. These headlines can be targeted at fans of a company's account, and also to potential fans, working like a sponsored ad. This technique is a great way to not only promote a brand to existing fans but to expand audience reach further and bring in new followers.



The Fan Tunnel


The last method of Weibo advertising is the 'Fan Tunnel'. This method works to promote a post, account, or even an app through an advertisement that is displayed beside or directly on the home feed. This strategy is used to reach a target audience and is similar to the previous Fan Headline method.



Which Option is My Best Bet?


Like any marketing campaign, marketing on Weibo will require a clear strategy with outlined objectives and an established target audience. Successful Weibo advertising relies on thorough planning and a working knowledge of Chinese online environments. Weibo offers an incredible opportunity to foreign brands looking to enter the market, but like all good things, it comes with its own unique set of challenges. Fortunately, there are digital marketing agencies that have developed effective strategies for navigating these digital waters.



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