Three Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is just one part of a marketing strategy, but it is a very important part. It would be exceptionally difficult to do any kind of marketing to China without an exceptional grasp of the culture, and a social media marketing strategy. There are three essential elements of social media marketing in China, and without those in place, your social media marketing strategy will not be successful. Let’s see what they are and how it is best to begin.



Build Brand Awareness


Building a brand anywhere can be difficult or simple; it might be a pleasure, but it is a lot of work! In terms of reach and exposure, the first step is to build up awareness of the brand, along with what and why users should be willing and eager, to engage with the brand. In fact, social media marketing in China is so massive because of the size of that market. The market reach, in terms of users and engagement, can’t be ignored. Obviously, social media has many of the same principles everywhere, but that first step is to know where the audience is and how to reach them. Which are the social media sites to use, and which advertising tactics are the best? It’s important to know where online your prospects are and to be there as well. For businesses unfamiliar with social media marketing, it is best to look for a company to help.



Reach Their Hearts


Success in social media marketing in China, and in advertising in China, involves making the customers love you, your brand, and your story. The customers will want to look for your ads, will subscribe, and will share your content. Once their hearts are won, the job is to keep the loyalty; then the users will come to you and bring their friends.


The big part of social media marketing in China is in building brand awareness and winning the loyalty of your audience, but to do that, it is essential to be on the platforms that are popular. Weibo and WeChat accounts are necessary. Companies may need assistance in creating targeted marketing campaigns using those platforms, and that is where we come in.



Drive Traffic


Social media marketing campaigns in China must be creative in order to keep your brand at the forefront of everyone’s minds and to reach the hearts of your audience. Telling your story in China means understanding the demographics—and creating advertising that is targeted to a specific audience based on their interests, their online behavior, and their demographics. Working with an advertising company will help you create advertising that can reach your audience based on what they care about, and that will help the traffic come to you.


The most important element of social media marketing in China is to be there with your clients. This means being able to access their platforms. If Chinese is not your language, or if you are not sure of the ways of social media marketing in China, the most important part of the strategy is to work with Westwin. We will help you make sense of it all.


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