Why is Baidu SEM the Ultimate Destination for Every Business in China?

When it comes to search engines, it seems like almost every business looking to China is using Baidu and Baidu SEM. But why? It turns out that Baidu is one of the most powerful platforms available in China to get your name out there and attracting interested buyers. Here is a brief breakdown of why businesses are flocking to Baidu SEM for their Chinese marketing.


A Brief Guide to Baidu SEM

Baidu SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is the use of the Baidu search engine platform to target people with ads that relate to their searches. The platform works surprisingly similar to Google Ads if you have ever used that platform, but with differences that make it better for Chinese marketing.

Baidu SEM works by matching your ads with what people are searching by asking you to buy ad words. Essentially, Baidu sets up an auction of search engine terms. You buy the terms you want, and then your site will show up when they search. What makes this solution so powerful is that you are advertising to people already looking for your stuff. No more advertising to the disinterested. Instead, you are targeting people that want what you have to offer.


Why Baidu is so Popular

Baidu is the ultimate destination for businesses in China for one very good, very important reason: it is China’s most popular search engine. Think of it as the Google of just China, especially since Google currently doesn’t have a platform in the region. It is the second-largest search engine in the world and holds over three-quarters of the market share in China. So if you want to use SEM in China, you use Baidu SEM.


What You Need to Get Started with Baidu SEM

Baidu is subject to rules laid out by the Chinese government, which makes it very important for businesses looking to use the platform to understand what they need to do in order to use the platform. First, they will need a certificate from the government saying that they are officially allowed to operate in China. Without this certificate, you will have a limited function on the Baidu SEM platform, and you could potentially be banned from the platform, along with facing other repercussions.

Second, you will need an agency that is experienced in using Baidu SEM to help companies get an edge in the Chinese market. This includes gaining an understanding of the platform, the best ways to maximize your organic and paid search engine strategies, and how to run campaigns that get results.

Westwin has been running successful and innovative Baidu SEM campaigns for years, helping many different kinds of businesses see greater success in China than they could ever do on their own. If you are looking to break into the Chinese market, or want to see greater success in the region, be sure to contact us. We can help you get a Baidu SEM campaign up and running that will help you reach new, interested clients that could become your next great ambassadors.


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