WeChat Shop: How to Create One

The world of commerce is developing fewer and fewer boundaries, and that means that getting in on the wave of ecommerce is becoming essential for most businesses. The WeChat app and its WeChat shop setup has a lot to offer, and it is something every business owner should take a look at.




The ability to reach millions of potential customers is impressive.



If you have already begun your search, you will undoubtedly come across the activity that is surrounding WeChat and its compelling WeChat shopping. If you are looking to make an impact in China and beyond, you will need to open a WeChat shop. There are so many perks, and as a result, everything from fashion brands to luxury items are extending their brand influence with the use of a WeChat shop.


These WeChat shops are an extension of a brand’s websites, customer experiences, and the accessibility of its products. Brands are enjoying the idea of creating their own little space where they decide the strategy they want to use, how to set up or design their shop, and how they will best attract new and existing customers to their WeChat shop.


Setting up your own WeChat shop may look complicated, but setting one up is relatively easy, and it can be made even easier if a third party is included in establishing your ecommerce. Let’s get you started on the social commerce wave.



Simple Steps to Setting Up a WeChat Shop.



1. The first step is to open a WeChat official account. The setup process may vary depending on if you are a Chinese or non-Chinese business.


2. When designing and setting up your WeChat Shop, doing some user experience research helps you see the best way to meet the needs of the local market. Gathering audience insights helps give you the requirements you need to design and develop your WeChat shop. Their activity and the information this gives is invaluable when you look at the design and function of your shop. WeChat shops are more effective in sales when pictures are used instead of text because some ideas and thoughts translate better with the use of images.


3. Next, your WeChat shop will need to couple its official payment account with the WeChat payment system in order for you to receive payment.  Cross border payments are possible with WeChat. Payment within WeChat is just one click away, and WeChat will handle currency conversion and overseas transfers. Overseas merchants can use their cross-border payment gateway both for online and offline sales.


4. Your inventory will need to be uploaded for your catalogue of products. Your customers will want to be able to access your WeChat shop and all you have to offer. You may want to set up target times of the year to offer specials or new inventory additions.




Your WeChat Community



With the above steps completed, you will want to start to create a new community or add to an already established community that coincides with your WeChat shop. Using a public WeChat account that works in combination with your WeChat Shop will help develop this community of customers and followers. Making your customers feel that it’s more than a shopping experience will help to solidify their brand loyalty and their use of your WeChat shop.  Here, you can make good use of relevant content, like promotions or news that compels your existing or new customer base to check out what you have to offer in your WeChat shop. You will also be able to offer coupons, discounts, and giveaways to increase brand loyalty and attract new followers.


You will want your WeChat shop’s design to reflect the personality and quality of your brand.  Now is not the time to hold back on creativity. Make it attractive, easy to use, and easy to navigate. Here’s where a professional may be useful to make the biggest impact for your WeChat shop. They are best suited to help you select designs and content to keep the interest of your followers. They can direct you on the use of the content, such as videos, ad campaigns, and the timing of sale features.


With the power of social media behind them, many businesses are accessing the use of influencers.  Influencers can produce results when in combination with your WeChat shop and WeChat public account. You are able to reach perhaps thousands of people you may not have had access to through the use of a local influencer. Even influencers need to be vetted to ensure your brand lines up with their audience and style of influence.


Broadening your landscape, increasing brand trust, and hyper-personalizing your brand are all reasons to open a WeChat shop. These first few steps may be more than you want to attack your own, and that’s where a third party may come in handy to help you set up your WeChat shop. Creating an impressive WeChat shop, and creating a consistent image for your business, maybe best served by involving a third party to help get your foundation on WeChat established. Click here to learn more.



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