How to Choose the Best China eCommerce Agency for Your Business

With over a billion potential consumers and a GDP that explodes year after year, China is the world’s hottest global market for businesses to break into. According to eMarketer, eCommerce sales registered at $1.881 billion in 2019, and were projected to rise by 23.7% to $2.328 billion in 2020, and another 20.1% to $2.796 in 2021, and they are steadily rising. And eCommerce agency in China will tell you that there are several unique features of China’s eCommerce market model that make it successful.


Unlike North American markets, where individual corporations set up their own business platforms and compete against each other one-on-one, China has their market much more streamlined. eCommerce sites, like Tmall and JD.com, act as a one-stop agglomerate of countless retail outlets. Breaking into this rapidly expanding market is a very good choice for thriving businesses, but doing so is tricky. Several special provisions need to be met in order to be hosted in the Chinese eCommerce market, and it’s not an easy thing to be accomplished without an eCommerce agency in China.


Partnering with an experienced eCommerce agency in China that knows how to navigate this particular market is the best avenue in, but how do I know what eCommerce agency in China is best for a fresh undertaking? Here are some things to look for.



1. Plan & Budget


Before you can venture into the Chinese eCommerce market, it’s important to get some details straightened away. Plan a budget and a timeframe with which you can negotiate with an eCommerce agency in China. Decide whether you want a conservative or aggressive marketing approach, which will impact the size of the budget you want to allocate.



2. Experience


Any eCommerce agency in China you choose to work with should be completely transparent about their success rates, past clients, and portfolio. Obviously, you want to go with the most experienced eCommerce agency in China, but that prestige can also translate into higher costs for premium services, which may not fall within the parameters of your set budget.



3. Reviews


Hearing about an eCommerce agency in China’s achievements from the agency itself is one thing, but it’s important to measure their claims objectively against online reviews. Past clients will often post glowing or scathing reviews of their experiences on Google and other platforms, which will often give a star or percentage rating based on all agglomerated reviews. It’s expected that an eCommerce agency in China will give you a sell for their services, but if several reviewers don’t agree, it’s a pretty good sign that you should keep looking.



4. Results


Each eCommerce agency in China has its own varying strengths and specialties. For example, one agency may excel at social media marketing while another specializes in the setup and operation of an eCommerce store. Which eCommerce agency in China you choose will be contingent upon several factors, such as your annual revenue and the type of product or service you offer. It may not be necessary to aggressively market over China’s vast cloud of social media platforms, and you can save yourself time and money.



eCommerce Agency in China


Knowledge and experience are key when wanting to break through to the Chinese eCommerce market. Start with Westwin, an all-around experienced eCommerce agency in China offering several services, like setting up eCommerce sites and getting coveted exposure in the online marketplace.


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