How to Sell and Market Your Brand, Product, and Services in China

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, China has become a major destination for companies that want to expand. Doing so, however, can often be challenging. Not only does China have its own infrastructure and culture, but it also has a different way of doing almost everything. If you want to be successful when you start to sell to China online, then you will need to do it right. Here are a couple of things that successful companies do to ensure their success when expanding to China.



Branding that Connects instead of Replicates


One of the major mistakes that many companies make when they first try to sell to China online is to put a Chinese veneer on their existing branding. The problem with this is twofold. First, name recognition only goes so far when penetrating into China, meaning a brand that is familiar outside of China may have no recognition in China itself. Second, branding made without the Chinese buyer in mind may not connect.


Companies that find success when they start to sell to China online get there by branding with China in mind. Without the right branding that is built for the Chinese consumer, your products and services may not fly, and that means fewer sales and less opportunity to grow.



Understanding Products and What to Sell to China Online  


Chinese demographics have unique profiles that are hard to match up with demographics elsewhere. Essentially, that means not all products and services translate perfectly to Chinese markets. This may be the result of a culture difference, a lifestyle difference, or it may simply be because China is a very different place from the rest of the world. But at the end of the day, when you try to sell to China online with products or services that aren’t tailored to them, you may find out your best-seller doesn’t translate.


Instead of assuming, it’s always best to do some market research before you expand your operations and start to sell to China online. It is the best way to see if what you are selling translates, and what to do if it doesn’t.



Partnerships with Marketing Professionals who Know China


When it comes to digital marketing in China, companies take two routes: they do what they did before, or they talk to experts who specialize in marketing in China. The ones who do what they always do almost always end up running into issues and underperforming on campaigns. Those who choose specialized agencies for expanding to sell to China online often do a lot better and hit the ground running with more impact.


Westwin is dedicated to helping companies that want to sell to China online do it right. Understanding what works in China is our specialty. If you are looking to expand to China and want help making the most of your next phase, then be sure to contact us. We can help you at every step in your digital marketing plan and can help you get set up for success in China.


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