Six Tips for Success in China’s Booming eCommerce Market

In recent years, eCommerce in China has grown to the point where you can’t even call it big business anymore—it’s colossal business. According to eCommerce Agencies in China, in 2019, eCommerce sales in China accounted for $1.9 trillion USD in retail sales, making it the largest eCommerce market in the world. The second-largest competitor to China was the United States, which accounted for $586.9 billion in sales, translating to less than a third of that of China.



Needless to say, navigating China’s red hot eCommerce market can be an extremely lucrative opportunity for large companies seeking to brand themselves in the global marketplace. But it’s not as simple as setting up shop, opening a website, and waiting for orders to pour in. The Chinese consumer market is very sophisticated, as are the consumers themselves, and legislative restrictions make it even more difficult to navigate this specialized market. An eCommerce agency in China can help.



But it’s still a terrific opportunity. So how can a domestic business ever hope to make a stamp on the eCommerce market in China? The answer is to hire an eCommerce agency. An experienced eCommerce agency in China has all the tools and knowledge to make the transition into this hectic and complicated market much easier. Here are six tips to help you boost your international profile:



#1: Create a China-Friendly eCommerce Website


The Chinese eCommerce marketplace is structured differently from those in the Western world in a few ways. Chinese consumers, rather than surfing to individual websites, tend to enter online markets run by an umbrella company or search engine, like Alibaba, and tend to use apps like Alipay for instant transactions rather than repeatedly entering credit card information.


Having a website suited for this format is essential. As well, an eCommerce agency in China can help design and optimize your website in order to hold the consumer’s attention, which can quickly diminish, causing the potential consumer to surf to another site within seconds of giving your own site a hit.



#2: Book Spots at Trade Shows


Trade shows in China are a huge part of the eCommerce market. Trade shows attract vendors, manufacturers, and distributors, as well as a wealth of potential clients, and being able to showcase your product in such a forum is a real boon to your own potential in entering the market. Trade shows are not only beneficial for garnering clients, either. Having an eCommerce agency in China book you for a trade show also gives you the opportunity to find and network with domestic distributors, and it can allow you a firsthand glimpse into your potential competition.



#3: eCommerce Marketing


Let’s face it: grabbing eyes and clicks these days isn’t what it used to be. Now that everyone is on their phones or tablets, they have infinite means of viewing anything they want, meaning that catching attention can be a fierce endeavor. Fortunately, an eCommerce agency in China is prepared for this eventuality.


An eCommerce agency in China specializes in the latest effective means of online marketing, including creating attractive ad campaigns, using SEO & SEM, marketing over social media, leveraging web analytics, and providing a host of other services geared toward grabbing attention.



#4: Effective Branding


It isn’t just enough to have a well-received product to break into China’s growing online market; you have to leave a lasting impression through visuals, logos, and slogans that have staying power. An effective product associated with an effective brand can make it that much easier to slide into the market, and an eCommerce agency in China can help.



#5: Create a Strategy


Without an effective plan of action, you’re sunk before you even get in the water. It’s important to remember that China’s eCommerce market is very particular, and not just anything can make waves. An eCommerce agency in China can help you formulate a start-to-finish strategy suited for the Chinese market.



#6: Expand Marketing Channels


Finally, any prudent enterprise looking to make its mark in China needs as much exposure as possible. With the help of an eCommerce agency in China, vendors can increase their online presence through channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and a host of others.



eCommerce Agency in China


It’s tough enough running an online business domestically, but with a little help from an experienced eCommerce agency in China, like Westwin, you will have backing from a team that is dead set on getting your product into the hands of the world’s largest (and fastest growing) eCommerce market!


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