What Every Entrepreneur Must Know to Sell to China Online?


The online world is largely seen as a level playing field; it's been around long enough that most of us know how to navigate the online world. What we don't always consider is that this sometimes changes how businesses and markets work. China is a gigantic market with almost a billion Chinese people who have regular access to the internet and its online markets. The internet in China is quite different from the internet in much of the rest of the world. It's likely best to set up with either local distributors or local advertisers who are familiar with the Chinese market. This will help you make the greatest advantage of their systems and trends! Here are some things they think you should know about if you plan to sell to China online.



Social Media


Facebook and the plethora of other social media apps do not operate in China, so the systems you're used to are not going to be very helpful. The primary social media app that is used among Chinese internet users is WeChat, and the available E-Commerce can be essential to gaining a presence so you can successfully sell to China online. Your brand will be much more visible if it's engaging with customers on this app, leading them to share with friends and gain yourself some market traction.



 E-Commerce and Online Marketing 101


In addition to social media, the world of E-Commerce is significantly influenced by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) blogs and posts. These articles are meant to draw your attention to products and services based on your keyword entries and your search history. These are common throughout the world, and China is not an outlier in this sense. In this case, your experiences with SEO advertising so far will be similar when your products sell to China online. It might be a good idea to consult with a local marketer to determine if there are any additional restrictions, or what kind of direction marketing is trending towards before you invest too heavily.


Selling to a new market can always bring on a lot of anxiety; it's not like you have boots on the ground there yourself first-hand. An online store can be incredibly beneficial for your brand to sell to China online successfully. Making sure that your store layout and setup, not to mention the language, translates properly can be crucial! Also, consider running promotions monthly; the payoff in volume can be huge in a nearly billion-person market!



Cross-Border Issues


Whether it's getting your name out there in the online sphere or the physical issues of moving your product across international borders, it can definitely be beneficial to talk to a professional about how best to sell to China online. Selling internationally is always complicated. Working with local distributors or marketers may help you navigate the restrictions that you may be unable to address on your own, and it will be especially helpful in avoiding shipping delays at customs that may cause dissatisfaction with your new customers!

The internet and international shipping infrastructure have given us the opportunity to take busi-nesses to the next level, regardless of your business's size! Take advantage of it, and don't be afraid to reach out for advice or help from professionals to make sure you are as successful as possible when working to sell to China online! Click here to learn more.


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