Five Things to Consider Before Hiring an eCommerce Agency

Are you looking for an eCommerce agency in China, but are unsure what you should be considering for your choice? Hiring an eCommerce agency is a vital company investment, and you want to make sure you get the perfect fit for your business. There are several factors to consider when it comes to hiring an eCommerce agency in China, including experience, variety in services, client satisfaction and service, portfolio work, cost, and dedication. Let’s take a dive into the most important considerations!



Experience & Training


When you’re hiring an eCommerce agency in China, the first thing you need to look for is their experience and training in the field of eCommerce. If a company is brand new or doesn’t have an expert staff, they won’t know the ins and outs of the industry or have the knowledge to give you precise, effective guidance and services. You want the best for your company, and that means you can’t let your business become a guinea pig for a new agency.



Variety of eCommerce Services


A good eCommerce agency in China will provide you with a host of services, rather than making you jump from company to company for your needs. For example, they should offer services such as planning, design development, marketing, and cross-border features.



Client Satisfaction & Service Quality


How do the clients feel about the agency you’re considering? This can be one of the best indicators of what to expect. If the clients are leaving glowing reviews in abundance and commending the services of an eCommerce agency in China, that’s a huge positive sign. On the other hand, if there are few to no positive reviews, that’s a red flag that you should steer away from the company--they probably lack experience or quality.



Portfolio Work


You should also take a look and compare the portfolios of different agencies. An eCommerce agency in China should have an impressive and extensive portfolio with the appropriate technical skills and a creative style you appreciate. Do they have brands similar to yours, or are they focused on a different niche? Be sure to spend as much time as you need browsing portfolio work until you find one that speaks to you.





Of course, it’s crucial to consider your company’s budget as well. Make sure that you can reasonably afford your candidate agencies before you invest time and money working with an eCommerce agency in China that is too expensive for you. On the other hand, be wary of extremely low prices that, while cheaper, might indicate a newer agency or one with low professionalism.



Every Step of the Process


A good eCommerce agency in China should be with you from the beginning and should continue on throughout every step of the process with you. Whether it’s gathering data and creating strategies or implementing social media marketing campaigns, the right agency will work and guide you along your company’s development.


Overall, there are many things to consider when selecting an eCommerce agency in China, from experience and training to their quality of portfolio work. Any business looking to expand into Chinese markets effectively needs the right agency by their side, and these factors can help you find the perfect fit. Contact Westwin for more information.


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