Six Ways Luxury Brands use WeChat for Marketing Campaigns in China

Social media marketing is a key part of any Chinese marketing strategy. With the immense reach in terms of both engagement and users, Chinese social media apps such as WeChat quickly generate revenue and create online awareness. In this post, we’ll look at WeChat marketing and the six ways luxury brands use WeChat in their marketing endeavors.


1. Premium Skincare Brand SK-II – Connecting Online and Offline Marketing


SKII launched a WeChat marketing campaign inviting online customers to experience a high-end skin care treatment in their Chinese brick and mortar stores.  The treatment involved a free skin test to help them create a unique skincare plan based on the products in their skincare line that matched their skin type. 


2. Coach – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

American luxury brand Coach used WeChat Marketing to increase their online followers. For a month Coach organized an event encouraging existing WeChat followers to invite their friends to join the Coach brand on the app. Each participant in the campaign could generate their own unique barcode and share it with their followers who had not yet followed Coach.

Coach awarded participants points for following and getting followers which could be used to redeem a cash coupon. This WeChat marketing campaign was a smart move on Coach’s part because they leveraged the influence of their followers to attract new ones.


3. Bulgari – “See Now, Buy Now” WeChat Marketing

Following the success of the Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show in Switzerland, together with the popularity of Chinese celebrity Kris Wu, Bulgari launched a pre-order series for their Octo Finissimo Automatic Watch. A photo campaign showed Wu wearing the latest version of the watch with a prompt for readers to enter the WeChat online store and order the watch.


4. Hugo Boss – Interactive Gift-Hunting Game

During the Christmas season, Hugo Boss used a game that appealed to Chinese consumers to introduce their latest products with their WeChat marketing campaign. They did this by creating a virtual reality shopping experience wherein participants had to find four parts of a new character named “Bossbot.” Once completed they could go to a page with more information and products.


5. Chanel – WeChat’s Moments Stream

The WeChat marketing team added new features to its Moment advertising which Chanel quickly utilized. Its campaign showed up on the timeline’s of targeted users, and if they clicked the image, they could watch a full commercial, which consisted of a 15-second video featuring product images with links to the online store.


6. Louis Vuitton- #makeapromise WeChat Marketing Campaign

After making a global launch, the French luxury powerhouse partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and donated US$200 for each Silver Locket Jewelry item it sold to UNICEF, to support kids in need. Interested participants clicked a link to visit the site and were offered special-edition products.

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