Digital Advertising on Baidu: A Recipe for Success

There is a big world of search engines on the Internet, and not everyone all over the world uses the same one. While North America googles almost everything, that is not so everywhere, especially not in China. Google is not so accessible in China, but that doesn’t mean that digital advertising is not accessible to the Chinese. China uses Baidu and anyone who wants to market in China knows Baidu advertising. Your customers can find you if you use a search engine that is popular in China and that works within the Chinese way of life. In fact, Baidu gets over 5 billion search requests per day!



Why Use Baidu?

If all you have heard about the Internet in China is about what is banned or blocked then you may not have heard of Baidu but it is one of the biggest and most powerful search engines in the world. Ninety percent of the largest population in the world use Baidu every day, and it is safe to say that any western companies who want to gain ground in China and who have not yet begun using Baidu advertising then those companies are not marketing in China.



Why use digital marketing?

The most popular forms of digital marketing for Baidu advertising are Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies who have been advertising on the Internet will be familiar with these types of advertising campaigns, but may not be aware that this type of marketing works even better with the culture in China. While online advertising may be an irritation to most of the Western world, it is not so in China. Brands are popular and the younger people in China grew up with the internet and mobile phones.



What is the recipe?

Digital advertising on Baidu is a recipe for success, but it’s not a simple, quick and easy recipe. It takes a great deal of work and specialized know-how from those who have their digital fingers on the heartbeat of China. Not just any mixture will produce a successful Baidu advertising campaign and it is as important here as it is anywhere to know your audience.


If you don’t speak Chinese, or have a significant understanding of the culture, the trends and the sensibilities of the people there, then don’t underestimate the necessity of bringing in a company who is very familiar with planning Baidu advertising campaigns in China. It is easy to make a mistake, and the first one might be to assume that a successful North American campaign will work as well on Baidu as it does on Google.


It is essential to use Baidu for marketing, but setting up a successful campaign in China should be left to a company who understands what the population is likely to search for, and then what they are likely to click on and how to bring it to a sale. Discuss your campaign with an experienced, connected and dedicated company like Westwin who can work with you to bring your brand to one of the biggest marketplaces available.

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