How Social Media Marketing Boosts Your Business Prospects

When it comes to marketing your brand in China, social media is probably one of the biggest platforms you need to penetrate to spread your brand to as many consumers as possible. Daily in China, there are 902 million active users on WeChat, and monthly there are 13 million active users on Weibo. You don’t have to be told that combined that is a vast majority of the consumers within China, and if you aren’t on social media, you are missing out big. A majority of those users are also checking their messages, statuses, brand follows several times a day, so being active with your social media marketing in China is very important for your business prospects.



Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is one of the number one ways to spread your brand through a market, whether you are new to the Chinese market or established, a domestic business, or a foreign business. Social media marketing in China is going to take advantage of using the established WeChat and Weibo social media platforms and let the average consumer know more about what your business is all about. You want the consumer to be able to quickly look you up, or see your ads and learn about the services and products you offer. You can also take advantage of KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) on the platforms to spread knowledge about your brand.



Reaching the Chinese Consumers Hearts


Social media marketing in China also allows you to interact with your customers in ways that weren’t possibly outside of a brick and mortar store just a decade ago. Brand loyalty is what gets you repeat customers, and gets your customers to recommend their family and friends to your brand, speeding up the growth of your business and boosting its prospects in the Chinese market. Through interesting and engaging content on Weibo, your consumer followers will share the content with their friends and family, boosting the visibility reach of your business. Moreover, through WeChat you can provide fast customer support, or other services such as paying for goods and services through a mobile device, or advertising to people within the geo-location range of your physical stores. Consumers want ever growing speed when dealing with brand support, and social media offers that and will help grow your business prospects through positive experiences growing loyalty. You can boost loyalty and reach of your brand through contests offered through KOL marketing.



Increasing Traffic and Sales


Social media marketing in China gives you the means to showcase your brand to more people, quicker. Previously you had to buy ads in newspapers, put up flyers, rent billboards, but now you can create your small ads online, or engaging content on your social media accounts and spread the word of your business quickly to help increase the traffic to your businesses social media landing pages and websites. With the features available in WeChat, you can turn that new traffic into paying customers because you can sell your products and services directly through the platform, from showing the customers what you offer, all the way to completing the payment.



Breaking Out on Chinese Social Media


If you are looking to expand your business prospects through social media marketing in China and boost your brand awareness and loyalty, then the experts at Westwin can help!

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