Search Engine Marketing - Your Key to Online Visibility

Search engine marketing is a type of Internet marketing that revolves around the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising. It is an important tool for your company or product to gain online recognition and visibility, especially since an increasing number of new website visitors discover your company’s website by typing the company name into a search engine.


Also, since consumers are trying to look up information about products, services, or things of a commercial nature, they are in the right frame of mind to be receptive to marketing messages and to become potential customers! Search engine marketing varies from country to country, and search engine marketing in China is a bit different than search engine marketing in Canada, for example. Search engine marketing companies, such as Westwin, help your company gain traction and visibility in China’s rather distinct search engine space.



How to Achieve Success with Search Engine Marketing in China?


Your company must first select a number of keywords which relate to their product or website (this is also known as search engine optimization), select a geographical location where the ad will be displayed, create a text-based ad which will pop up in the search results, and they must decide on a price they will pay for every ad click.


Search engine marketing in China is different due to the prominence of alternate internet search engines, like Baidu, 360, and Sogou. With the Great China Firewall in place, it is difficult for international businesses to interfere or interject themselves into China’s market. This firewall was the catalyst for the creation of other search engine platforms that rival their western counterparts, the largest example of this is Baidu, which is comparable to Google. Tried and true marketing features, like Google Analytics, will not be as successful in the Chinese marketing sphere. With the firewall in China, it’s possible that your access can be cut off anytime. When this happens, Google Analytics’ tags won’t work, and you will receive inaccurate traffic data.


However, Baidu has good web analytics called Baidu Tongji (Baidu Statistics) for those who can read Chinese. Small differences like these are why it’s crucial to have a search engine marketing agency, like Westwin, in your corner to help you promote your website, increase your visibility, and create effective advertisements for the Chinese marketplace!




How Can Westwin Help You?

Search engine marketing in China is the perfect advertising strategy because it is transmitted to consumers right when they are looking for new information. Additionally, search engine marketing is unlike other digital marketing because it is non-intrusive and doesn’t interrupt the consumer; rather, it acts as the perfect complement to the consumer’s desire for new information. Westwin has two pillars for effective search engine marketing campaigns, which are pay per click advertising and search engine optimization analysis. These practices help convert your customers at the right place and at the right time. With Westwin, your customers will find you!

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