Why is Baidu PPC Considered a Recipe for success?

Search engine marketing is a key component of any company’s advertising success. With the Internet becoming increasingly more prevalent in our everyday lives, many companies have turned to online marketing strategies to increase customer awareness of their product or service.


However, not all search engines are created equal. Some, like Google, stands towering above the rest in terms of usage and content. This isn’t true for all parts of the world, though. Search engine marketing is a bit different in China than it is in other parts of the world.


It is Baidu, not Google, that is the top dog in regards to search engines in China. Companies who invest in Baidu PPC (pay per click) go on to do considerably well in their advertising efforts. Also, search engine marketing companies, like Westwin, can help tailor your content on Baidu to produce considerable and tangible results.



What is Baidu?


Baidu is the top search engine in China, and it enjoys almost 80% of the total market share. Businesses that use Baidu PPC ensure that they have solid and effective contacts with their customers, while the customers accept these advertisements as authentic and worth their time due to the platform on which they are being run. Advertising on Baidu can be a bit tricky. There’s an advertiser certification process for Baidu that requires particular knowledge and expertise in relation to local practices, procedure, and language. Additionally, you must also know how to learn an entirely new advertising platform; but advertising on Baidu is definitely worth pursuing, despite the obstacles.



How to be Successful with Baidu?


Chinese search engine plays a significant role in the population’s everyday life. As such, search engine marketing is the perfect entry point to begin acquiring visibility and traction in China.  Two pillars of successful and effective search engine marketing campaigns include pay per click advertisements, and since Baidu is such a major search engine in China, Baidu PPC campaigns are critical to the success of businesses who wish to extend their reach in China.


There are a few hoops to jump through before you can begin advertising on Baidu: you need to get registration and certification, you need to localize the website (which makes the site open for Chinese citizens), there are formal procedures for Baidu PPC registration, you need to translate the entire text of the website into Chinese, and you must have a copy of the business registration certificate (which includes the company name, main office address, etc.).


This may seem like a lot, but each of these measures allows Baidu to have a high level of authenticity and veracity that the Chinese public acknowledges and respects. These strict protocols are in place in order to make sure that there are no illegal businesses or activities, so once you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s, your Baidu advertisement will resonate with the Chinese public as trustworthy.



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