How to Use Baidu PPC to Build Your Business

The world is going through some rapid and unanticipated changes, and China has certainly gone through more than its share of those changes. Things are returning to normal there now. The people are continuing their activities, and businesses are reopening. Now is the time to grow your business in that market using some of their favorite tools. Search engine marketing, online businesses, social media, and Baidu PPC. These can be a big help to new businesses, if you know how to use them.


You can market to China, even if you don't speak Chinese, or are not planning to advertise using the Chinese language. Advertising and websites in English are used on Baidu PPC, but it is necessary to go through an agency that does have an understanding of the language and culture. A digital marketing strategy is essential in China, and so is an understanding of how the nation operates.


If you understand how Google Ads work that will be a help, but Baidu and Google are completely different. The same rules and the same algorithms and digital marketing strategies can't be used. Baidu PPC is different than anything the western world is used to, but don't count it out because of that.


Baidu focuses on the benefits of PPC, that is, a pay-per-click campaign, in which the advertiser doesn't pay for the ad, but for the users who discover the business through the ad. That is useful for a business that is still building itself up as the costs are lowered. While the business has few customers, it pays for them only, and the costs of the ad are shared across the search engine. This can be a big money-saver in the beginning. Later, it becomes easier to focus on advertising on a specific target audience.



So, how can this be done?

For a business that has not done this before, the first step is to apply for a Baidu account. This is possible, but it can be a lengthy procedure. The business must be registered, approved, and verified. This can take some time, but once it is done, the business should be ready to bring in customers. It may be a challenge to get started, especially if you don't speak, read, or write Chinese.  This must be done in that language, even if the website and marketing are in English. Find an agency that understands how Baidu PPC marketing works to help you.



Now is the time.

All over the world, more offline businesses are shifting their focus online. More businesses are building themselves through social media and word-of-mouth. A business's goodwill and positive reputation are extremely important in any market, and China is the biggest market in the world.


The best way to use Baidu PPC for your marketing is to use a marketing company to help take your brand to China. Westwin can help you fill out the forms, and they can keep an eye on the details. If you want to use pay per click advertising in China, but are unsure how to begin, or how to succeed, Westwin can help.


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