Weibo Advertising: Five Tips to Maximize Results

Weibo is China’s biggest and most popular microblog social app, with user rates that make Twitter and Facebook look like startups. If you want to make your way into the Chinese market, you need a consistent and amazing presence on Weibo, and that means Weibo advertising. Here are a few tips to help your business make a splash on Weibo.

1. Get Verified

Verification on Weibo works exactly the same as on Twitter, and it even looks similar. It gives a little blue badge on your account, and while it doesn’t offer any particular benefits, it does make people trust that you are the official voice for your brand or business. Verification can be a tricky process, but an experienced Chinese marketing company can ensure you get that little blue badge and start using Weibo advertising more effectively.

2. Think Emotion Over News

Weibo is compared to Twitter quite often because it is a microblogging platform. The truth is, however, that they could not be more different in deployment. Twitter has become a platform that is focused on the ever-present, with the latest news and events as its driving factor. Weibo, by contrast, is more focused on emotion. When doing Weibo advertising, don’t be afraid to tap into emojis and the underlying feelings of your message over commenting on the latest announcements.

3. Think Quality over Quantity

Just like search engine optimization, the focus for Weibo advertising is on quality over quantity. While you can post 100 times a day to millions of followers, none of that matters if you are in a bubble of bots, spam, and diehard fans. Focus on quality content that gets attention over constantly pushing your message. A balanced approach that attracts real followers is much better than getting the same engagements from the same people every time.

4. Learn the Differences

Most people who start Weibo advertising do not understand that there are many different advertising opportunities that don’t necessarily exist on other social media platforms. In general, Weibo has four advertising streams: display ads, Weibo search engine promotion, fan headlines, and the fan tunnel. By learning the differences between the four, you can craft campaigns that maximize your advertising revenue and engage with the people you want.

5. Hire a Respected Agency

Many advertising and marketing companies in North America can do Weibo advertising (https://adstochina.westwin.com/blog/3369.shtml), but this doesn’t mean they are dedicated to the platform. Your best bet is to work closely with a company who is dedicated to Chinese marketing and online marketing in China. Without experienced, dedicated teams, you could find yourself getting into situations where your ads are ineffective or even banned. Navigating the system can be tricky, but the right firm can guide you to success.

If you want to make it in China, you need a presence on Weibo. The social media platform shares a lot of similarities with Twitter and Facebook, it can be very different. This is why many people turn to professional China-focused advertising companies, like Westwin, for their Weibo advertising. They can help you craft the perfect plan and can help you navigate the differences for maximum effect.


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