Ten Tips to Market Your Brand on WeChat

Created in 2011, WeChat has become China’s number one social media platform available on almost every popular mobile platform. With everything from text chat to video calls, to games, to newsreaders, to being able to send money, it can be a great platform to advertise your brand. WeChat marketing can help you build your brand and engage with your customer base.


#1 - Proper Official Account


The first thing you need to do for good WeChat marketing is get the proper account for your business. Applying for an official account through Tencent will give you the best tools to market your brand. Subscription accounts will allow you to message your customers more often (one broadcast a day), where a service account offers a more robust API, and you can apply for WeChat Pay. Lastly, an enterprise account offers business tools in addition to messaging, but it is only available in Mainland China.


#2 - Innovative Quality Content


Nobody wants to follow content that is dull and boring, so the best thing for WeChat marketing is to have content that is not only engaging, but that is also creative and high-quality to get your users interested in what you are posting every time.


#3 - Shareable Content


The best kind of content for WeChat marketing is content that is shareable. You want your brand to spread, so create content that is engaging. That way, your customers will want to share it with friends and family to bring more people into your scope.


#4 - Engaging with the Community


Engaging with the community is a surefire way to build up customer interest in your brand through WeChat marketing. A business that is always interacting with its community in a meaningful way is one that is going to grow.


#5 - Loyalty Programs and Incentives


One thing that everybody loves is saving money, and through WeChat marketing, you can offer your customer base loyalty programs or incentives through the WeChat app. You can offer giveaways or coupons, VIP or membership cards, or you can even partner with other businesses to create cross-brand, all-inclusive offers.


#6 - Game Creation


Everybody love to play a game now and then, and with gaming support on WeChat, one method you could use for WeChat marketing is to create a game based around your brand. It doesn’t have to be a complex game; it just has to be engaging and interesting for your customers.


#7 - QR Codes


Online marketing isn’t the only thing you should concern yourself with in WeChat marketing. QR codes allows you to connect to the offline world as well. Include QR codes in any print marketing, on product packaging, and in any company newsletters or PR materials.


#8 - Special or Live Events


A great way to interact with your community and use WeChat marketing to expand your brand is either through special events or live events. You can use real time live feeds to engage with customers while you are at trade shows to bring in customers that are spread out geographically.


#9 - Ecommerce Integration and Customer Service


By using WeChat Pay, you can help your WeChat marketing by offering the ability for customers to pay for your product directly through their WeChat accounts. As well, you can use WeChat as a platform for your customers to get any issues they have serviced by you.


#10 - Branded Mini Websites


WeChat offers the ability for businesses to create mini websites with customized landing pages to give your WeChat marketing a kick. Through this mini website, your customers can get all the latest news of your brand or learn more about its history.


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