Why Use a WeChat Marketing Agency

WeChat is one of the most versatile and useful advertising tools available for engaging with a Chinese audience. It is also one of the more complicated and unfamiliar platforms available in China. Where Weibo can feel a little bit like Twitter, WeChat has become a completely different type of experience, which is why so many turn to a WeChat marketing agency to help them launch in China.

If you are considering the Chinese market and want to use WeChat as a way to increase brand awareness and connect with millions of new customers, then you will want a top WeChat marketing agency. Here are a few things the right agency can do for you.


1. They can Get You Set Up Officially

China carefully controls which businesses are allowed to use their social media plans. You cannot simply create an account and label it as a business like you can do with other social media platforms. As such, you will need to get your account officially set up, which a top WeChat marketing agency can help you do. From navigating the WeChat service to the Chinese regulatory bodies, the right marketing agency can help you set up the right way so you can enjoy all of the benefits of a WeChat official account.


2. Create Emotional and Resonant Content

No matter what platform you use around the world, you need to create content that connects with people on a deep and emotional level. Rather than simply put out pictures and posts, the right WeChat marketing agency will help you hone your brand and create messaging that works. Even better, they are familiar with the inner workings of WeChat, its aesthetics, and what people love on the platform. So rather than getting a social media campaign, you can have a targeted and strategic plan crafted specifically for WeChat.


3. Maximize Membership Functions

WeChat is a little confusing because you don’t simply acquire followers, you can also get members who can enjoy exclusive loyalty rewards, discounts, and more. Turning people from passive followers to engaged members is key to making WeChat one of your most powerful marketing tools in China. And with the right WeChat marketing agency, you can create the right incentives and calls-to-action that will get your followers eager to make the switch.


4. Make Full Use of the Mini Programs

WeChat’s main difference from other social media platforms is the sheer number of third-party apps and platforms that are allowed on it. These mini-programs can do almost anything, from setting up a retail space to ensuring a new user experience. And with so many already out there, it is important to know which ones will work, and which ones will help your specific business grow. The right WeChat marketing can connect you with the right mini-programs to really help your business in China succeed.

If you are looking at using WeChat, then you will need someone who understands the platform inside and out. Westwin is a top-rated WeChat marketing agency that can help your business succeed. Call us today to learn about the work that we can do for you.


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