WeChat Marketing: How a WeChat Marketing Strategy Works

WeChat is one of the largest social media platforms on the planet, yet it is mostly unknown outside of the Chinese market. Its daily active users rival Twitter and Facebook, however, and that makes it almost necessary for any business looking to penetrate the Chinese market. That means that you will need a solid WeChat marketing strategy that can help you develop brand recognition and turn curious consumers into customers.


So what does a WeChat marketing strategy look like? And how does it really work? Here are a few insights into what the right plan looks like and how they work to bring your business more successful in China.


1. Analytics

We live in a data-driven world, and every WeChat marketing strategy needs to look at the numbers first, last, and during. Without benchmarks, expectations, and averages, your strategy simply cannot work. Understanding which data is important and what those numbers mean when they start coming in is one of the major advantages of choosing an experienced WeChat marketing team, like Westwin. We have years of experience in WeChat marketing and, therefore, understand how to get the numbers that matter for your business and campaign.


2. Native Chinese Speakers

Have you ever been shown content on a social media platform that you don’t use and feel confused and lost? This happens all the time to people who speak the same language, never mind people whose first language isn’t the one for the platform. The truth is that social media platforms very quickly develop their own ways of communicating that can be difficult for people new to the platform. WeChat marketing strategies need to use people that aren’t simply fluent in Chinese. They need to use people who understand how WeChat works. Without the right people speaking on your behalf and turning your messaging into something effective for the platform, you will come across as inauthentic.


3. Influencers

Just like Instagram, WeChat has a large number of Key Opinion Leaders that people respect and follow. Any social media campaign that ignores these valuable resources is doomed to poorer performance. But by working with an established and experienced WeChat marketing team, you can gain access to the right influencers and partner with them to reach more people with more authentic messages that resonate with your potential customers. If you are only sending out your own content, you are missing out on a meaningful way that social media platforms in China operate.

If your business is looking to expand in China or enter the Chinese market, then it needs to engage with its social media platforms like WeChat. These platforms not only enjoy high levels of popularity, but they have also become essential platforms for the daily lives of Chinese consumers. Westwin has years of experience working on these platforms and in WeChat marketing in particular. With our combination of experience, creativity and knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to help your company grow in new ways. Rather than trying to do it all yourself, look to a WeChat marketing team that knows what to do and how to help your business grow.

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