Gulliver: Creating an Integrated Weibo Campaign for Russian Kids Clothing Brand

Back Story

Originally from Russia, Gulliver is a kid clothing brand with the mission to provide affordable luxury for children. Gulliver entered China market in 2018 and we helped them to build an integrated digital marketing strategy for brand awareness and sales generation. 

Our Solution

To promote the brand towards its target audience – young parents interested in kid fashion, we chose Weibo as a powerful platform to create Gulliver’s strong brand positioning in China market. not only Weibo marketing can help the brand lock down its target customers online, but also Gulliver can benefit from Weibo KOL’s social reach.


Moreover, we used Weibo Ads to help Gulliver quickly increase its brand awareness. We ran integrated campaigns on seasonal merchandise while segmenting our customers into different subcategories: follower generation and sales conversion.


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