Headlock: Integrated Marketing Solution to Promote Fashion E-Commerce from 0 to 1

Back Story

Headlock is a Hong Kong caps brand and it opened up its JD flagship store in 2018. We partnered with Headlock to choose the right mix of integrated marketing solutions for their online shop.


Our Solution

From social media marketing to PR to KOL marketing, there are plenty of channels we use to get client’s message across to specific audiences. Highlights of our campaign are:



Utilizing Weibo’s hot topics & hashtags

Headlock teamed up with Wandering Earth, hit movie in China to launch movie-related merchandise. Soon as the movie released, we generated Weibo contents to gain brand exposure and spread brand image with Weibo’s hot topics & hashtags.


KOL marketing & celebrity power

We also helped bridge Headlock and influencers: through sponsored contents delivered by celebrities and KOLs on WeChat, Weibo & RED, Headlock reached its digital campaign goals like increasing engagement, building a larger following, driving website traffic and boost e-commerce conversion.


Maximizing media coverage in China

For a new brand in China, achieving media coverage is a good way to build profile, increase reputation and communicate a message to its target audience. We implement Headlock’s PR strategies to increase the reach of the media coverage and make the most of the opportunity. 


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