Siemens: Leverage WeChat Ads in the Recruitment of Fresh Graduates

Back Story

Siemens is a world-known, over 100 years enterprise and a leader in power generation and distribution, intelligent infrastructure and distributed energy systems. In April 2020, Siemens launched its online campus recruitment campaign to find excellent campus talents and enhance its brand image in China.


Our Solution

We developed a precise marketing strategy that took into account the needs of localization and youth, and implemented it through WeChat advertising.


Highlights of this recruitment campaign are:


Use multi-dimensional targeting technology to precisely target audience
We targeted campaign's audience from multiple dimensions of demographic , environment, interest, behavior and customize groups to ensure that the advertisements are pushed to the right people.


Reinvent content to reinforce its relevance to the youth audience
Presented the recruitment content in the form of multiple choice questions to arouse users' interest in reading. Designed advertising page with illustration style to attract the attention of youngest and improve band preference.


WeChat landing page to improve user experience
Use WeChat landing page instead of global official website to improve Chinese user experience.



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