UNSW Global: Leverage WeChat ads to Collect Spring Enrollment Leads

Back Story

UNSW Global is a leader in global education and training for over 50 years. It offers programs that are specifically designed to prepare you for entry and success at one of the worlds top 50 universities. In Dec. 2019, UNSW Global launched its spring enrollment campaign to recruit students in China.


Our Solution

We recommended a precise performance marketing strategy based on digital channels that can bring most target audiences.



Highlights of this campaign are:



Integrate multiple channels to expand campaign reach

We pushed ads on Youdao DSP and WeChat - both platforms are used frequetnly by Chinese students.



Presice targeting to improve conversion

When we choose ad target, we set multiple dimensions of demographic from environment, interest, behavior to other customize groups.



Continually optimize to boost performance

Our ad specialist tested the 2 groups of parents and students as well as multiple ad materials and succeesfully kept the better group and ad materials to promote.




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